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Thread: Us non farm payroll this friday release

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    On the 4th November, 2016 is another day for non-farm pay roll economic news release and I will be here before the time to post the information that will be of help to those who are interested to trade it but each trade is on his own to manage risks properly while trading. I will advise you to be much conscious of the risk than the profit that you desire to make.I will bookmark this page now and then come on Friday morning to give us clues as to how to approach the market based on the deviation that occurs from the economic news release

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    I think we might need to check the new NFp in December since they will be very important for decision making especially in making decisions about the next trend will be. As long we got a good knowledge in here we might be able to make the money from that because it will decide next rate hike or not and it might tremble the world.

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    No form payroll is very important part of this business. Its released in USA every first friday of every month. We must need to know important of this data released because this data is totally changed the market conditions. The last week no form data is positive that strong the USD dollars so strong and its move now to make a new high today.

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    [lang=ar]very difficult some people can but this is very hard but fundamentally i think it is going to be simply negative means 140k so you should sell the usd but i do not recommend the trading in this day as it is very dangerous , so better be careful the price can go sharply very high or very low suddenly[/lang]

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    Non farm payroll is one of the strong news that affect on the market and each trader wait it to see the results of its effect on the market, it is better to avoid trading with it as the market is not predictable a this time and so the trader may lose, i always try to trade after release of the effect of the news on the market.

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    US non form payroll news data i can say it is very important news for market big movement today it was day of news US non form Payroll but today there was no any special effect on market as well i checked last time this news was effected i hopefully next time this news will give big effect to market

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    Us non farm payroll is one of the strongest news in the market and has a big effect on the market and all traders around the world wait for it and see its effect on the market, some traders like trading with it and some traders wait until see the results of it on the market then start to trade, i always avoid trading if this news is coming and trade after end of its effect.

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    I think now its useless to trade on the non form data on forex market because now this market is not move on this news. I do not know that what is happen but this market is not follow the non form data now and its move like as normal market move in its trading. This Friday non form is released and I saw that market is not move on news data. This is very bad thing because now this market is not move more then 30 pips in the biggest news of this market.

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    I also notice this too @wechs so it's better we don't trade it again because the market move even more better on ordinary days where there is no news at all, if you understand how the forex market work you can trade even without news and make big money in short time too, news is no longer effective this days anymore.

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    These is data expected to run the market in a provitional pact on the farm workers and in a very interllectual way the non governmental agency puts together the number of workers who are expected to be employed or employed during a certain section of period of time say months the last was during January these year 2018. the other expected is aj0ther form that we all have to know

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