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Thread: Which account would you suggest please?

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    Which account would you suggest please?


    I trade through MT5 and by now I have a Pro Standard account. My volume is very low, I use to trade less than $ 1.000 and leverage of less than 1:300.

    I realized the spreads for that account are not that great, so I am considering to change to a ECN Pro or Fixed Spread account or even a Cent account.

    I also intend to use the VPS hosting service soon.

    RoboForex apparently cannot suggest me which account would be better, so they kindly have suggested me to ask here in the Forum.

    So, I kindly ask which account do you think would be better for me and why, please?

    Thanks a lot! :)

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    no matter how much lot you will choose but i think leverage is 1:1000 is best because sometime we sure about market and we can place big order. one more thing i am not sure but with less leaverage our margin call come early so i think big leverage is also good our order can run in loss for long time. so use big leverage and use pro account always its best

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