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    FAQ for "Communicative deposit"

    Answers to frequently asked questions about "Communicative deposit" will be added whenever new issued in thread: Questions for promotion "Communicative deposit"

    Question about account
    Request for the withdrawal
    Questions about withdrawal from account

    Questions regarding the field "e-mail, specified during Members Area registration in RoboForex"

    If I registered to the forum with one e-mail, can I change the mailbox?

    Yes, you can change your e-mail in the profile section. But it only applies to the forum account.
    The field "e-mail, specified during Members Area registration in RoboForex" cannot be edited by user. Only Administrator of forum can change it at user request.

    Referrals and where to get
    Referral URL

    How to get a Referral URL and when does the counting of referrals starts?

    A counting of referrals conducted constantly. If you attract a referral, you will get a one-time payment, when referral will move to “Newbie” group. We do not provide payment accrual for messages of referrals.

    Referral URL
    Referral link on forum has a look like: _http://forum.roboforex.com/?referrerid=ID, where ID – is your identification number at the Forum.

    How to know your ID?
    Click on “My profile” in the upper right corner of the forum and select the section “Partner stats”.


    Can I get the payment for referrals message?

    No, we do not provide such payment.

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    Accumulation of payments

    How is regulated posts on forum, according to The main conditions of promotion “Communicative Deposit”, if different users are using one IP?

    If moderators are sure that this is one user with different nicknames, all accounts will be blocked and payments will be canceled.

    Have the accrued payments for posts an expiration date?

    Payments don’t have any time limits. You can keep payments on forum, or on trading account at your convenience.

    Is it obligatory to add a trading account immediately after registration on forum?

    No, you can do it later. All accrued payments will be on forum until you will decide to withdrawal it to your trading account. Before submitting a request, open an account with the appropriate parameters:
    · Trading platform - MetaTrader4 / MetaTrader5
    · Type of account - Pro-Cent, Pro-Standard.
    · Affiliate code - forum
    Or in CopyFX system:
    · Type of account - Pro-Cent, Pro-Standard.
    · Affiliate code - forum

    Can I keep payment unlimited?

    Yes, you can.

    Do you have any day-limits for quantity of posting messages?

    No, we do not have such limits. But, while writing a message, you should consider paragraph 3.6 of The main conditions of promotion “Communicative Deposit”:
    3.6 Large amount of messages from one user, posted during small time period, or numerous messages lacking quality or decent content, can be considered as «payments hunting». If it happens, user will first will be warned, and in case of repetition will be transferred into group with "Low Cost"

    Are spaces are included when calculating the number of characters in the message?

    No, spacesare not included.

    Under the name of section you specified "cost of post: from 5 to 75 cents" - on what depends the payment amount?

    This amount depends on group in which is user now. You can find information regarding groups of users via link.

    Why do I have in the "Payment" column negative amount?

    Thenegative amount formed because of removal of the threads, where you were topikstarter,or messages, correspondingly, the payment amount for it was written off.

    If some of the threads or messages are transferred in to another section, how the payment will be accrued? Will you recalculate it?

    The payment accruals while posting a message in accordance with the rates of section in which it is published. Recalculation after transfer can be made only at the discretion of the moderator. If the message transfers in to the unpaid (Off top - for example) thread, payment will be cancelled.

    Why payments are written off from your account on the forum?

    Payments are written-off in case:

    • deleting of messages (In case of the Forum rules violation in messages or thread disparity, the payments can be removed by moderator);
    • transferring of messages to unpaid sections, for example , offtop (moderator may not always allocate the card, but is obliged to transfer messages);
    • in case of changing of message, at first, the payment cancels, but after editing, it will be recalculated with current number of characters. If this number is more than 300, the payments will accrual again;
    • when applying for a withdrawal of the payments to trading account;

    if the user has the forum ban.

    Where to apply in case of disagreement with the write-off payment for posts?

    To complaints against moderator action, you should write a letter, by specifyingfollowing information:
    your forum nickname;
    link on thread/post
    , based on which your complaint;
    the reasons for which you do not agree with hisactions and decisions.
    If you are not satisfied with answer or you can’tfind exactly who fined you, please contact RoboForex Administrator via privatemessage in profile. Complaints directed to the administration without priorcommunication with a moderator and without the attached correspondence withhim, are not considered.

    I got status “Low Cost”, what does it mean and for what period of time it is assigned?

    The forum user, who got 5 penalty points for forum rules violation, transfers to “Low Cost” group. The payment, in paid forum sections, will be 0.01$. Length of stay in the group of "Low Cost" for the first time - 2 weeks.

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    Questions about account:

    No button “Add an account”.

    It means than account have been already added. You can view your account number and email on the tab "Communicative Deposit".

    If I have a cent account registered without affiliate forum code, can I withdraw to this account?

    No, the payment from the forum can be withdrawn only on accounts opened with affiliate forum code. How to open an account with affiliate forum code?

    I have only partner account in RoboForex. Can I withdraw forum payment to this account?

    No, the payments from the forum can be withdrawn only on accounts opened with affiliate forum code. How to open an account with affiliate forum code?

    I have an old Fix-Cent account, can I add it to the forum?

    You can add this accountonly if in the field “affiliate code” will be “forum”. This field can bechanged only by employees of partner department, they will fill newinformation. You are not able to change this code by yourself.

    Can I add one more account to forum?


    Can I change my trading account for the payment accrual?

    Changing of account is extremely undesirable. We change account number only if accrual on the old account is impossible, for example if an account is in archive.

    How to change an account for the payment accrual?

    Please contact forum administrators RoboForex Administrator in private messages in your profile on Forum.

    Where can I see the account number, which was attached for the payments?

    You can view your account number andemail on the tab "Communicative Deposit".

    Can I deposit payment account with my own funds?

    Yes, you can.

    Do the account, which is opened with the forum affiliate code, need to be verified with any payment system?

    No. The payment is provided for trading, and the profit, received from it, or the traded out payment can be withdrawn with any of available methods.

    Must the full verification be completed for trading on funds?

    Yes, verification is obligatory.

    Are there any limits in terms of using fund on the account?

    No, funds, transferred from the forum, have no expiry date and, accordingly to it, cannot be blown out.

    Can Experts and Advisers be used on trading account with?

    There are no prohibitions on using experts and advisors.

    Are there any restrictions on terms of trading for accounts: number of orders, trading volume, trading with scalping, weather one deal can close the profit more than 50% of the deposit and so on?

    There are no restrictions.

    Is it possible to set any level of the leverage, which the account allows?

    Yes, it is.

    What period of time do it takes accounts, which are not traded with, to be transferred to the archive?

    According to the RoboForex company Rules:
    The Company has the right to terminate maintaining of the trading account in cases within 45 days after it was opened the Client did not make any transaction.
    If the account has funds (more than 15 cents), the account won’t be sent to the archive.
    If at the moment of enrolling the payment the account has been sent to archive, it will be get from it and dearchived.[/

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    Request for withdrawal:

    Whether payments need to be ordered for transferring on trading account of the company Roboforex in the end of the month or the amount of payments transfers automatically?

    At this time withdrawal of the payments from forum to account need to be ordered. Withdrawal applications are accepted from 1 to 5th day of each month. It should be not less than 27 days among applications. How to withdrawal payments to trading account?

    How to adjust the request for withdrawal the payments to trading account?

    If applications for withdrawal of the payment are accepted from 1st to 5th day, is the 5th day included or should the application be applied till the 5th one?

    It is included, the 5th day is the last day of applying of the request.

    Can the application for withdrawal the payments be applied earlier, if the accumulated amount is more than 20 USD?

    Yes, it can. But theapplication will be examined from 1st to 5th day, and payment enrollment will be proceeded on the 6th day.

    What is the maximum amount for payment withdrawal?

    The maximum amount is 1000 USD.

    With the attempt of withdrawal the payments from forum to the account the message appears “Next application for withdrawal funds you can send not earlier than in 27 days. Are you sure, that you want to continue?” Please, explain what it means.

    It is the warningabout the withdrawal of funds is possible 1 time in 27 days. If 1 month ago Youordered withdrawal on the 5th day, this moth you can applywithdrawal application on the 2nd day. It should be not less that 27days among applications.

    By clicking on withdrawal and affirming the message that withdrawal is done 1 time in 27 days, payments were not taken off, why?

    If the funds remained on forum, it means, that withdrawal was not completed. Before that, you had an attempt to withdrawal, less than 27 days ago.

    Is it possible to withdrawal payments to the trading account, if there is not processed amount of payments on it?

    Yes, it is possible.

    Can the request of transferring payments to trading account be cancelled?

    Yes, it can be. For that, a personal letter should be written to the administration of forum RoboForex Administrator. Funds will be returned to forum. But the system has memorized, when you pressed the button and now it won’t let you do withdrawal again earlier, than in 27 days.

    Tell, please, what do the line in my trading account means: “01.04.2014, 09:15 Donate Spent 1,210.00 Payment”?

    This line meanstaking funds off from the forum while applying the application for withdrawal.

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    Questions about terms of withdrawal:

    How to be, if credits were taken off from the forum, and were not enrolled to the account?

    When applying forwithdrawal the payment, credits from the forum are written off automatically. Ifsuch areas of the profile, as “E-mail” and “Account number” are written down,delays with enrolling funds to the account won’t be, the application will beprocessed on the 6th day, if the 6th day drops on theweekend, it will be on the first working day.

    Can I transfer the payments to another forum user?

    No, there is no transfer between forum users. This function is available only for administrator and moderator of the forum.

    If I want to “give” someone a part of payment, will I need to ask moderator for that?

    Transfer of payments amount between users is not allowed to prevent fraud. We activate this function for administrators and moderators for encourage the active users. Payments for posts also are accrued on moderators and administrators but these cannot be withdrawn, just for gifts to users/

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    Questions about profit withdrawal from the account and conditions for the full payment withdrawal:

    Can I withdraw profit received when trading using funds?

    Yes. You can find all available systems for withdrawal in your Members Area in section “Deposit/Withdrawal” then “Withdraw Funds”.

    What is the minimum amount of profit can be withdrawn from the account?

    The payment amount must be more 20 $ (> 2000 cents)

    How do I know the number of made lots?

    All payments information can be found in Members Area, "Extra funds" section.

    Can I withdraw profit partially in proportion to the number of made lots?

    You can withdraw only if you will trade 100% of lots.

    If payments were credited few times, in which order do I need to fulfill?

    Payments are fulfilling from the first to the last.

    Please clarify the conditions for withdrawal of funds?

    You can withdraw profit from the account without any limitation, to withdraw the payments from your account you need to make a trading volume (number of standard lots) in the amount of: <Number of lots> = <Total amount in USD>. We do not provide any time limits for this.
    Payments will be written-off from your account once Stop Out takes place.
    Example:You receive a 300 USD in a MT4 Fix-Cent account. To withdraw the received funds, you need to make a transaction of 300 USD = 300 standard lots (only closed deals are taken into account). 1 standard lot = 100 lots for Fix-Cent account.

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