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Question about account
Request for the withdrawal
Questions about withdrawal from account

Questions regarding the field "e-mail, specified during Members Area registration in RoboForex"

If I registered to the forum with one e-mail, can I change the mailbox?

Yes, you can change your e-mail in the profile section. But it only applies to the forum account.
The field "e-mail, specified during Members Area registration in RoboForex" cannot be edited by user. Only Administrator of forum can change it at user request.

Referrals and where to get
Referral URL

How to get a Referral URL and when does the counting of referrals starts?

A counting of referrals conducted constantly. If you attract a referral, you will get a one-time payment, when referral will move to “Newbie” group. We do not provide payment accrual for messages of referrals.

Referral URL
Referral link on forum has a look like: _, where ID – is your identification number at the Forum.

How to know your ID?
Click on “My profile” in the upper right corner of the forum and select the section “Partner stats”.


Can I get the payment for referrals message?

No, we do not provide such payment.