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Thread: The psychological tricks of frauds on Forex market

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    I could remember I got a call from a broker, I was trying to digest what the operator was saying until he start mentioning forex and the value. Been a trader I have known before hand about this business and was interested in the conversation. At a point the broker asked if am with the Internet, I replied yes only to mention their site for me to access. Still on the call they where directing me on how to open an account and I was doing so till it get to the point they asked about my master card to deposit immediately. I laughed, they never even talked about verification.

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    In spite of the fact that some novice dealers lose cash because of absence of information, abilities and experience and afterward blame agents for being fake however there are honest to goodness instances of forex merchants being fake and I have fallen casualty of this previously and that his why I will dependably set aside opportunity to consider the terms and way of activity of a specialist before I submit my cash to its trust

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    There is a point in what you have said, I don't believe that novice traders are losing because of lack of information, their problems is lack of applications of what they already know, there are millions of pages in the Internet that talk about Forex and how to earn from it, but many are reluctant to face the reality that hard work is the way forward here.

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    Article is good about not reliable companies. I had such calls from the companies I had heard the first time. All these tricks were used in order to atract me to these websites. But I answered them that I do not need a new company. Concerning the calls from roboforex, I had such but all the calls were with invitations to seminars or some other serious juridical things to be done.

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    Though some newbie traders lose money as a result of lack of knowledge, skills and experience and then accuse brokers of being fraudulent but there are genuine cases of forex brokers being fraudulent and I have fallen victim of this before and that his why I will always take time to study the terms and manner of operation of a broker before I commit my money to its trust

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    what we have to understand when we want to decide to jump in forex trading is what forex is. besides the knowledge, skills and strategies that we must have.
    then keep your eyes in the company where we can invest our funds to trade in the company? security, regulation, accountability of representatives of the broker? don't let us invest in the wrong hand.
    so if at any time there are problems and this relates to the funds you invest, there is a place for you to ask, and help resolve your problems.

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    This is one of the many basic truth about this business where brokers plays fraudulent tricks and ripe off people's money to their own gain.Such brokers still exist and they are very much around on the internet but my advice for fellow traders is to make proper research about a broker before committing your hard earned money into their trust.

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    it is a fact that some people use forex for fraud, usually they will promise something extraordinary when they offer investment programs, such as 100 percent profit from the investment value each month and others, in my city they usually use marketing people to approaching ordinary people, but fortunately our government does not remain silent, the fraudsters have been imprisoned

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    One of the most frequent mistakes that that is being committed by many new traders is the choice of random, non regulated and inexperienced broker. Forex is an over the counter market which has fewer restrictions and often does not impose any penalty as there is no specific regulatory authority. So to avoid working with fraud brokers a trader must conduct analysis to find out best regulated broker out of there.

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    thank you for the advice, actually the most important thing is the mindset of the forex business, it is important to put the mind that trading is a high risk business, so we will first think of risk, and minimize the risk, many ways include using sl, pips the right, profit and loss ratio, if all that can be done then we can be at least consistent in trading

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