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Thread: The psychological tricks of frauds on Forex market

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    forex is a risky business and a good broker should always have a risk warning at a very visible section on their website to warn and educate investors about the risk, some fraud brokers wouldn't do that, they may promise a huge amount of profit and may even promise miracle robot that will make money for them within a very short time.
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    Some companies rely on well thought out plans to bring customers and use psychological tricks and through presentations of bonsat no deposit and deposit bonus and after entering the customer network imposing ruinous requirements on him to withdraw his profits and therefore the client is located in a big frustration makes him despair of trading
    For that, we must be clever in choosing a broker companies because the broker is mostly promo or offer various bonuses as no deposit bonus or deposit bonuses sometimes just want to popularize the name of that broker, another case with a broker of Roboforex that we love it is very good in terms of service bring bonuses which proven to pay, where Roboforex broker is providing bonus can be used for trading capital and profits from any trading results can be withdrawal.
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    To prevent being a victim if fraud that is rampant in the retail forex industry, don't just Jump to a new broker, they may want to attract client with big bonus and a lot of promise. The way to know a good and reliable broker is the credibility and good track record, so to stay safe, use a good broker with a positive review and great track record like Roboforex.

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    the trader should not trade with borrowed money because this will increase the stress on the trader and may lead to making of mistakes during trading and so the trader will lose more than earns, the trader also should avoid any bad habits in trading as this will make trading more profitable and less risky and help the trader to enjoy trading and making of money.

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    because the forex market is too large and complex to be regulated by the government, there are many fraud that occurs in the market, many of which are related of broker doing some unfair practise against the client, To get a good broker that is transparent, we mainly depend on the review of the broker by other traders, and that is why Roboforex is a great trader because of the positive reviews they have
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    There are fraud in the market that are mainly play by some broker, if you don't want to be rob by any broker then you must join a reliable and trusted broker like roboforex because this is one of the best forex broker that can be trusted, roboforex play the game fair with anyone it doesn't matter if you start trade with big trading capital or not.

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    The bad companies always try to attract the people by many tricks to make them deposit their money then they will not find it after that, the trader should always do not follow them and invest in the companies of good reputation as this will be more safe for his money and can withdraw the money anytime he wants, but with fraud companies he will lose his money.

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    Thank you for this great information
    I agree with you a lot and I think that more marketing tricks attract all new customers because they are most exposed to direct impact and have no experience and a few old customers either for lack of knowledge or other things
    Thank you very much and benefited from this beautiful subject

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    the fraud brokers always call the clients to invest in the broker and they ask to invest big money and promise the traders that they will make big profits, and once the trader loses his money they advice him to invest another big money to recover the loses he got and make more money and try to give him some advices and finally he will lose this money again

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    There are many scammers broker who offers No deposit bonus. The first time they tell the new client he can withdraw the profit money last they apply a hard condition such 500$ need to deposit and 50 lot need to trade after he able to withdraw his profit money. First we have to analysis by self or mentor or teacher when we not aware of the any things. Forex is self-learning business, So we have to hard work and its purposes need to collect enormous data and information from book or internet that help us to work on the right channel to reach our exact goal.

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