reason traders do not develop
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Thread: reason traders do not develop

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    reason traders do not develop

    this time i will share my experiece trading, insha Allah be a valuable experience for anyone looking to take lessons from an experience. it's about the mistakes and the reasons why i was not growing trading or even grow.

    the following items are peeling my personal experience : if this happens to you then you become trading with not growing.

    I forget the original purpose of investing! I mean invest initially just wanted to get a profit, but its real profit making after i even forget what the objectives of the initial investment is done. (this is not just a matter of the target material, so there must be a purpose behind the original intent to invest FOUNDATION/MISSION/VISION)

    Does not specify how long the term of the investment , because I actually finished it too cool with investment activities that I do. determine the investment period is the one essential , where each type of investment , there must be its future targets respectively. so that we can start again with a new target when the initial investment we've made ( so not memorable like the way in places too actually )

    The lack of risk outside the trading risk management , every person who invests surely must know the ins and outs of the risk and type of investment. so that when things happen that does not want to risk on tap minimum. in this case as well as risks to trading outside in anticipation . many of the traders who will ignore this and more focus at risk in the trading problem itself.

    Storing eggs in one basket , after a benefit I did was raise more capital investment into the same field , because I think if I understand the risks would make the risk can be minimized ( I can control ) , then it does is create a lot of accounts and divide balance . however wrong I keep in the same place , so it makes no difference to only have 1 type of investment, fact I have to and separate and when the collapse occurred problems all .

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    I want to thank you for this excellent topic, which includes many reasons must be taken care of in order to become successful traders in the market, and most notably the main reason to invest in Forex and also must know the plan, which will rely on them in trading so as not to be a random trading

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    often new traders when see that it is soo easy to manage with trading platform for example meta trader4, it is only buy and sell, they think that it is enough for making some profit. Often they are not wiling to invest their time to get familiar with complicated financial analysis or technical, because they think that probability is 50/50 only buy and sell, and that probability would be on his side. But after lot of losses they realize that if trading is randomly the probability for negative balance is more than 99 percent :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by amrmorasamir View Post
    I want to thank you for this excellent topic, which includes many reasons must be taken care of in order to become successful traders in the market, and most notably the main reason to invest in Forex and also must know the plan, which will rely on them in trading so as not to be a random trading
    you are welcome, iam very happy if my article really help. you right, we must have a strategy and plan to survive on trading, without a good trading plan then no matter how good we have a strategy that will be a great risk for mc in addition to that we also need experience in trading, so we will not hesitate in taking tough decisions

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    Most of the reasons you discuss above but there are many reasons of that through which traders can not develop there trading for long term , important factor is low resources and lack of knowledge these are the most common reasons i think through which traders can get effected,.,.

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    the main reason is lack of experience, because most of newbies are entering forex market and investing their money before they get enough learning so they make so many mistakes and they get many losses. another famous reason of loss is greed we mostly not close our trade in suitable profit for the sake of profit and then suddenly we face big loss cause of greed which is another reason of losss.

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    These are important point to develop. Usually i do not trade with risk management, And i just try to increase more money from my profit. That's way i face problem to develops good my skill and technique. But now a day i try to develop me in Forex trading. And i follow all these point to become good trader.

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    It is so hard to admit mistakes. Every new trader , including me in first years of trading, made some stupid excuses about result, i don't know why, but we are able to lie our self for years, and sometimes it is not about making money, but we look at the forex trading as a addiction, and we forgat that we must trade for profit , and not for a game.

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    I have being wondering the main causes of failure in the market, these are exactly the things that i got as my own personal answer, not knowing that i will still see it on this forum. Traders are the ones responsible for the failure they have in the market. No how you will move forwards with an ignorance of losing. You should make sure that you have trading principles, trdaing skills, trading plans and good trading psychology.

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    star27, Yes friends I think the trader who want develop their skill should learn more than just forex basic education, they also must practice hardly all those knowledge with demo account in order to understand how forex market works and how much risk they can bear as properly . at least until they can make consistent profit in some times, thats what they need to develop their selves

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