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    Main provisions of the Contract

    Main provisions of the Contract

    The Contract – is the investors’ manual (guide for using), especially if it is scope and pithy. Having the Contract, the investor can monitor all traders’ actions for its accuracy and consistency. Any digression from terms of the Contract, is the signal, which the investor can use to make the decision promptly, which, may be, will help save his principal (or what is left of it).

    No matter what the Contract was concluded by the investor, he must know, that it must contains next main points: the subject, price and terms of the Contracts’ execution (proceeding).

    In addition, the investor must be in touch, that besides of main provisions of the Contract, listed above, it must contain such important clauses, as: rights and obligations of parties, the liability, the procedure of the Contracts’ cancellation and consideration of disputes, etc.

    Subject of the Contract

    Actually, subject of the Contract can be as transferring by the investor the right of controlling the account, where all funds are, as transferring the funds. But the most optimal variant for the investor, is when funds are on his account, and he only transfers the right of its controlling.

    It is also submitted here: what amount, what for, what purposes are and under what circumstances the right of controlling funds or funds by itself are transferred. (For example, …transfer the investors account with the amount of funds on it 10 000 United States dollars (with the exchange rate at the moment of signing the Contract) for controlling it on the Forex market with the purpose of obtaining optimal income by the investor (approximately from __% to __% per year) with reimbursable basis…).

    In addition, it should be noted, what ought to happen with the received profit: or it, as main funds, becomes the object of controlling, or it withdrawals to the separate investors’ account.

    The procedure of transferring the right of controlling the account (funds) is also reflected in this article of the Contract, the amount of the allowable risk is been too (… a maximum drawdown of the deposit must not exceed ___% from the initial amount…).

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