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    The pair succeeded in achieving our expected goal at 106.75 but it bounced upwards significantly from there, approaching the 107.80 axial resistance test, accompanied by the loss of the stochastic indicator for remarkably positive moment and access to the saturation areas of the purchase, while moving average 50 meets with The said resistance to add more power to it.Thus, we believe that the opportunities are available to resume the downward trend, which is organized into the downward channel that appears in the image, with the reminder that our next target is 106.00, while its achievement requires stability without 107.80.
    Expected trading range for today between support 106.60 and resistance 108.00.

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    The US dollar rose dramatically during the trading session on Wednesday, surpassing the two-day-old . This is a very bullish sign, but there is obviously a lot of noise between here and a number of candles at the top. At this point, I think that the market will probably continue to be very volatile and difficult, but I am aware that as we approach the G20 summit this weekend, it is likely that we will see great volatility, as traders fear the outcome of talks between Americans and Chinese. At this point, the market has a lot of noise at the top that it has to deal with, so I don't think that until we penetrate above level 108.75 we can afford a great deal of risk in the upward direction. I expect the advances to be sold.

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    For the dollar / yen pair, key levels on the H1 scale are: 108.12, 107.77, 107.15, 106.65, 106.35 and 105.94. Here, prices are in a deep correction and form a potential for an increase from June 25. The initial conditions expected for the increase are expected to reach the level of 108.12. The continuation of the decline is expected to occur after the price has broken below the level of 107.15. Here, the target is 106.65.

    Which if broken down will allow us to predict the movement to the level of 106.35, where consolidation is near this level. For now, the level that has the potential to be a bottom level is at the level of 105.94. Which after being reached, the price is expected to be included in the correction. The main trend: a decreasing cycle from June 17, a deep correction stage.

    Trading recommendations: Buy: 107.78 Take profit: 108.10 Sell: 107.15 Take profit: 106.67 Sell: 106.62 Take profit: 106.37

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    The pair trades today with a noticeable positive to penetrate the level of 107.80, in a way to test the possible resistance to the channel that appears in the image, which resides at 108.25, noting that the stochastic indicator shows a clear saturation in the purchase, which supports the chances of regression downward to resume direction The fallen again.Hence, we are delaying the continuation of the overall downward trend, preceded by some temporary rise of the resistance test mentioned above, taking into account that the breakthrough 108.25 will stop the negative scenario and drive the price to achieve further gains in the short term, while the price needs to break 107.80 to enhance Opportunities to move towards 106.75 and then 106.00 levels that represent the expected downward wave targets.
    Expected trading range for today between support 107.20 and resistance 108.50.

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    The pair tried to progress during Thursday's trades, but found enough resistance at level 108 yen to turn and show signs of negativity again. This is logical, because we are heading towards the G20 summit group this weekend. In this case, it is likely that a lot of "risk avoidance" trades will appear, attracting a lot of interest in general. This usually works well for the Japanese yen in general, so I think we will continue to see this market retreat. The fact shooting star is in this area where I expect to see resistance makes it very logical for sellers to come and cut the market to 107 yen level.

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    USDJPY is experiencing a Bearish trend phase.
    The price of 107.64 is now under Moving Average Daily.
    We observe the USDJPY chart currently moving from 107.96 to 107.57,
    The CCI indicator is currently below Zero Level (-154.40).
    Meanwhile the price is below the Parabolic SAR.
    The current Daily Range for USDJPY is 28 pips.

    From the market conditions and the above indicators we can SELL with the target at 107.20.

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    The pair traded fell after yesterday's low-channel resistance test, breaking the 107.80 level and settling below it now, thus supporting the continuation of our downward trend expectations in the immediate and short term, and the way to achieve our first goal, which is located at 106.75.We note that breaking the target level will pay the price to 106.00 as the next target, while the expected decrease will remain unless the level of 108.15 is breached and the stability above it.
    Expected trading range for today between support 106.75 and resistance 108.15.

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