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Thread: Simple trading System for the new traders

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    So many good and profitable strategies are available in Forex but before choosing any strategy beginner trader should spend his good time for learning,demo accounts are very helpful for trader for the purpose of knowledge and testing a strategy.Beginner trader should avoid to use the short term strategies for trading because they have lack of knowledge.Long term strategies are best for trading.

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    There is no simple strategy for the newbie, if there are simple strategy for the newbie then I believe no newbie will struggle to earn, there are not simple trading system that's why most newbie struggle to survive, before a strategy will be simple and easy to trade with, we must have spend some time to learn and understand how to use the strategy very well.

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    If we choose a wrong trade strategy for work by use lots of indicators then we will not able to get the trade with good results so a new trader should avoid the wrong trade systems which not useful and not helpful for us in winning a trade with security so we should take right strategies and good trade skills for making the trade better.

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    It's hard for newbie to have a good strategy to make them bring profitable trades in this market. But newbie can try many strategies in demo and they can selective to find the one strategy are suit for them. so newbie still keep much learn for the first and i think for the first time join in real they must to focus is only for a survive.

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