What Preparation You Do Before The Trade?
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Thread: What Preparation You Do Before The Trade?

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    What Preparation You Do Before The Trade?

    every trader has to be so and very careful to not to lose his capital of money, thus he has to adjust himself to the market trade and he has to study well the market and then take into hius consideration what currencies are available and what news are rhere to guide thetraders towards either loss or profit , besides the trader has to preparea good and strong psychology to enter the market

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    Of course to prepare any thing as a beginner in the Forex business who new joining without know anymore then that traders should gather the practical knowledge and experience more about the Forex business. they should take more time to observe the forex market very carefully and they mus spend more time to practice the demo account.

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    It is very important for every kind of forex trader.If they will spending good preparation before giving trade they will take good profit during forex trading.First you will show deeply observation and then analysis technical and fundamental.

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    I believe that an experienced traders should not plan all things from the beginning t the end, you will have seen trading s normal daily routine, this is why i do less work. So far i see the trading chart , i will go straight to my trdaing disciplines, this is where i will get the right trading direction, and i will enter it with a stop loss, this is a must for me.

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    they are many things one need to do when thinking of trading Forex and before one can trade the market one need to first learn abut the market before trading we need to run proper market analysis because this is the only way profit can be made when trading the market.but as for me,i take mine analysis very serious before placing a trading

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    Preparation I did before trading normally I would make myself very relaxed before trading Forex. So I used to make the coffee first, then prepare a cigarette, and I opened a few platforms that I use to monitor the market, after I already feel calm, then I trade.

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    before making any trade i properly analysis the market trend with help of technical and fundamental analysis also i follow the sport and Resistance points, i start my trading with plan when i properly analysis the market i make plan and i use my strategy witch is according to my analysis. before trading plan is very important for success full trades,

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    It is certainly very correct that every forex trader must thoroughly prepare before starting to trade forex. And a trader must also be prepared at the start of each and every trading day to make best technical and fundamental analysis that is needed to trade sucessfully.

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    i want to make skill by the demo trade and this is the best one for me success on the forex trade and by the good skill i will be do best and this is the best one for make me happy and now most of the people want to make money by the forex trade and this is the best one for make skill

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    Yes I believe every trader definitely do prepare before open trade. So do I. First I would read the trading strategy, second I have analysis on the chart especially technical analysis and see is there a high impact news on the session. Third I made the trading plan and than I have to trade on the plan.

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