Forex Fundamental Analysis
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Thread: Forex Fundamental Analysis

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    Forex Fundamental Analysis

    fundamental analysis is a very important and the most important techniques and not optional because the trader use fundamental analysis with the news for applied the strategy and starting in the forex market and detreminated the impact of news in the trading in the schorter time;
    aND YOU?

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    Fundamental strategy is as important as technical strategy. Some traders claim that the price movement is influenced by the action of the fundamental, where the trader with spontaneous action buying and selling simultaneously, so that at the time causing a very high price spike. On fundamental strategies, learn about how to recognize a movement of the news and how much impact it had on so as to affect the balance of the price at that time.

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    nejmeddine, For me to do trade with the fundamental analysis will be very little more difficult , because of the persistence of a false economic news and also trading with fundamental analysis should be familiar with all the important economic news or financial report for some country to know the impact that news to the forex market

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    Fundamental analysis is very important for perfectly forex trading.When some hot or medium news is flash,technical analysis is not working this time.If you give any trade by technical analysis without fundamental analysis,you can big loser in any time.

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    It might be a good thing to trade with the fundamental aspect of the forex market trading, but beware that it is also the most risky. The fundamentals is meant to tell the trader all the possibilities of the position changing, but it will not tell you the reliability of the direction that you actually want to enter per time.

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    if one is thinking of making profit when trading the market one need to add fundamental analysis to the technical analysis one might be doing when trading the market,though we might trade Forex base on fundamental news alone but it always best if one can add both together,one will stand the chance to make more profit when trading.

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    yes i agree with you and i think we should make complex between fundamental analysis and also technical analysis , and in the time of important news we should only wait it and dont see the technical one .. and i think we can depends only on the news if we concentrate on it and dont be greedy and enter with lot in that time ..

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    I have often disappointed when a signal is formed before the news released. I want to open trade depend on the signal but being doubt because the news will be release. But while I am waiting for news the prices have done the signal before released. Finally not get anything. Maybe to forget the news so I do not be doubt.

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    my trading totally based on fundamental analysis cause i know market movement is totally depend on news specially gold movement which i use to prefer in scalping thats why i daily follow news and take decision on the basis of news.i am long term trader thats why news is the main reason of my success in forex that i follow.

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    Fundamental analysis is very important because forex market movements are inherently influenced by fundamental factors. Many are also investors who prefer fundamental analysis because this analysis is very accurate, even more accurate than technical analysis.

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