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Thread: Mt4 platform is really good platform compare to others

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    No doubt that meta trader 4 is a good trading platform, we can trade with this platform easily, because we can attach custom indicators and other tool in this platform very easily, so mt4 is a very good trading platform, we have many other good platform too but I just prefer to be working with the meta trader 4 platform, than using other trading platform.

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    Personally I have tried the other trading platforms too. But Metatrader 4 is the best trading platform and I do not need any additional options. On the other hand there are many various indicators created for Metatrader 4 trading platform. and they are very useful. There are other trading platforms like Ctrader or MT5 but I am get used to MT4

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    No dear I am not thinking that metatrader 4 is a good trading software because there are a lot of other trading software is now available in the market which help us to do trade with more convenient ways.
    Metatrader 5 is a great platform compared to metatrader 4 with new features.

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    I think I chose trading with mt4 because its what I started with, and I have not been able to really advance to any other, how ever I have tried mt5 some time back I think 2017 and it was very fast and well rounded, but the biggest problem was that it was really difficult to really create anything because it has so many addition, I think am old school when it comes to these kind of trading and it works well for me and it is also something that no one else is able to run with, the work of any trader is to be comfortable with any trading device and I think mine is an mt4.

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    Actually, MT4 is one of the best for trading due to the many reasons. First of all, it is very user-friendly and easy to use, so it would take only a few days to become familiar with it even for the newbie trader.It is very important because most of the platforms intended for trading professionals and could be too complicated for an average retail trader. In case of MT4, one can spend only a week reading manuals and watching videos and than start trading at least using demo account which is almost impossible with other platfroms. The next point is flexibility. It is possible to use MT4 for almost any trading style - it is comfortable both for scalpers and swing traders. As a plus, one can use additional portable versions for Android or iOS to monitor positions or even to execute trades using their smartphone. Unfortunately, still there is no special version for macOS, so it would be necessary to use other solutions like Bootcamp, or virtual machines if you are going to use it on your Mac.
    MT4 has various functions covering almost all needs the traders may face, from advanced technical analysis to the creation of own indicators. There is an active community of traders using MT-based platform so everyone could communicate with them and discuss related issues - for example, to ask about the way to create own indicator and then add it to the platform, which is again impossible with other platforms. It also supports integration with different additional tools expanding the basic kit of features available. For example, MT4 could work in connection with Forex Copier - special software allowing trader to dublicate their trades between several accounts, recieve trading signals or even to provide their own signals to other traders. It is quite easy to find a lot of ther additional tools which would help traders to satisfy various needs and improve their trading process substantially.
    All this makes MT4 in particular and all MT based platforms in general (including MT5, which is new and not so popular nowadays) one of the best solutions for retails traders for conducting operations on Forex market.

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    I think mt4 is one of the best platform we have in the market its better than any other we have out there, but diffrerent brokers keep on trying to put together the best intervention to the right trading platform, giving their traders and customers one of the best experiences and better trading enviroment, these include executions and withdrawals and deposit, bonuses and also in trading slipage and spreads, these one way some brokers stand out, but for me I get stuck in trading forex the old school form , the mt4 way.

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