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    Yes no doubt bollinger band is also a very good indicator in forex market but I am using at range expansion in my trading. because it before market movie to tell me the trend which the currency will go up or down then I put order sale or buy according to this indicator you can test it in your demo count and you can use it it's very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyen View Post
    I am not in support of the traders that will be making it general that a trading strategy is the best, i guess that it is not fair enough as the trader might not know what other traders are using, the other trader's strategy might even be better. I believe in the way of trading the market at best in which the trader personally derived for himself.
    We should not be generalizing everything, there are some personal things which we are wrongly making comment about them generally, so i am with you on this. To developed our trading strategies will go a long way, and when we can get to give it all what it takes, it will help us a lot. The way we use our strategies matters as well, not that we will call it best and it will be working automatically for us.

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    There are plenty of strategies that are available on the mt4 platform, because we can all agree that there is no general best strategy that can be used in this platform, there are plenty of strategies so you can probably choose anyone of you choice, and the best thing to do before you start using that strategy is for you to study and master how to use it.

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    the ones that will work in the way traders want it are not few, But the ones that will deliver the extraordinarily are very few
    I need to tell you that you have not completed the task here. It will be better for you to give us that which will be acceptable unto all.

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