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    The pair shows a further upward slope to test the 0.9800 barrier now, and it is likely that the price will continue to rise for axial resistance testing 0.9836 before returning to a new decline.To date, the bearish total trend scenario is still present and likely in the coming period, provided that the price maintains its stability below the 0.9836 level, indicating that the first target is expected to be at 0.9700.
    Expected trading range for today between support 0.9730 and resistance 0.9836.

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    USDCHF is experiencing a Bearish trend phase.
    The price of 0.9758 is now under the Moving Average Daily.
    We observe the USDCHF chart currently moving from 0.9801 to 0.9753,
    The CCI indicator is currently below Zero Level (-111.58).
    Meanwhile the price is below the Parabolic SAR.
    The current Daily Range for USDCHF is 16 pips.

    From the market conditions and the above indicators we can SELL with the target at 0.9710.

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    The U.S.-China commercial optimism benefited from the Swiss franc's status as a safe haven and some downward pressure on the dollar/franc pair on Thursday. The husband stopped recovering during this week from his lowest annual levels.

    The dollar is still traded close to its past prices, but the landing tone is still on the daily rim, now if the price breaks the strong support line levels at 0.9710 prices and the bottom closes, the landing and sale will be the strongest with targets of up to 0.9600, but if it stays above levels a To be mentioned it is certain that it will reach the first resistance levels at 0.9840.

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    The pair traded down after approaching the level of 0.9836 yesterday, which supports the continuation of our downward trend forecasts, waiting for the 0.9700 level test initially, with the indication that breaking this level will pay the price to 0.9590 as the next major station.Moving average 50 continues to support the proposed downward wave, which is required to remain stable below the 0.9836 level.
    Expected trading range for today between support 0.9700 and resistance 0.9800.

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