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    For the dollar / franc pair, the key levels on the H1 scale are: 1.0059, 1.0044, 1.0015, 0.9995, 0.9970, 0.9954 and 0.9934. Here, we are keeping abreast of the increase in structure from June 7. Short-term increases may occur in the range of 0.9995-1.0015. The price breaks below the 1.0015 level will be accompanied by a strong upward movement. Here, the target is at 1.0044. We consider the level of 1.0059 potentially to be the top level, which after reaching prices is expected to consolidate and turn down.

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    The pair found it difficult to bypass the 1.0000 barrier, where the barrier is the level of Fibonacci correction of 38.2% for the reduction measured from 1.0228 to 0.9856, which provides signals on the price trend to re-decline, supported by the negative stochastic indicator.Therefore, the downward slope will be weighted during the next sessions unless the level of 1.0000 is breached and the stability above it, with the indication that the fracture of 0.9945 will facilitate the task of rushing towards negative targets that start at 0.9855 and extend to 0.9800.
    Expected trading range for today between support 0.9920 and resistance 1.0000.

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    It seems that the price managed to close above the middle monthly (bb 480, aqua color), most likely the price will continue bullish. The upward movement is also supported by a weekly reference (bb 120, magenta color) and daily reference (bb 24, lime color) in the strong trending up condition. The best entry is BUY

    The price is above the daily pivot 0.9991.
    The small MA is above the big MA, the price is above the two MAs.
    The price forecast will be bullish with the initial target of Resistance 1.
    Possible to penetrate to Resistance 2.

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    Although the price has withstood and progressed above support, it has already remained low (to date) below the parity level. I wanted to avoid trading this pair because it was acting strangely compared to the general market environment.

    The price of a currency pair did not do this much again yesterday: the support was steady and though the resistance level exceeded the top of the tie, it also had an effect and pushed the price down a bit.

    There are not many events between the Swiss franc and the US dollar, and the best that can be said is that it may be possible to speculate on any bounce from a major level in either direction to achieve conservative profit targets. There is no long-term trend, but the purchase deals may be a bit better than today's sales deals.

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    The pair resumed its positive trades yesterday to penetrate the level of 1.0000 and settle over it, opening the way for further upward correction in the instantaneous term, and the price is expected to test 1.0040 and 1.0085 levels during upcoming sessions.Thus, we expect to see more positive trades today, with the indication that breaking levels of 1.0000 and then 0.9944 will stop the expected altitude and press the price to decline again.
    Expected trading range for today between support 0.9960 and resistance 1.0085.

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    USDCHF is experiencing a Bearish trend phase.
    The price of 0.9878 is now under Moving Average Daily.
    We observe the USDCHF chart currently moving from 0.9963 to 0.9871,
    The CCI indicator is currently below Zero Level (-136.04).
    Meanwhile the price is below the Parabolic SAR.
    The current Daily Range for USDCHF is 70 pips.

    From the market conditions and the above indicators we can SELL with the target at 0.9830.

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    Yesterday that not much has happened between the Swiss franc and the US dollar, and the best that can be said is that it may be possible to speculate on any major level rebound in either direction to achieve conservative profit targets. There was no long-term trend, but I thought buying trades might be a bit better than selling trades today.

    This was not a brilliant idea, as it turns out, even before the Federal Open Market Commission (FOMC), which weakened the US dollar everywhere, with the advance of the franc.

    Safe havens are relatively strong today and the Swiss franc is no exception, but the downward movement may run out, and the long-term trend is certainly intermittent, so it is difficult to have a great confidence in the direction. So, I think the upward bounce at 0.9848 might be interesting, and I expect to be biased to buy if it is done later.

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    The pair was unable to hold long above the level of 1.0000, to trade in a strong negative yesterday and break the level of 0.9944, putting the price under more negative pressure expected in the coming period, on his way to visit the level of 0.9856 as the next negative station.Thus, we expect to see a further decline today unless the price rushes to penetrate 0.9944 levels and then 1.0000 and fastness over them.
    Expected trading range for today between support 0.9840 and resistance 0.9940.

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    USD/CHF rose during the Asian period, but we're headed for a negative weekly shutdown, especially after the U.S. federal meeting this week.
    Waiting for a set of U.S. data today represented by the estimated reading of the index of service and manufacturing procurement managers and then the sales of the houses located and finally the talk Brainard member of the Federal Reserve Commission

    USD/CHF with a strong weekly candle break down the upward trend levels on weekly chart so it will be a priority to sell the pair Where we wait for some of the help corrections to sell the pair again and the first sale levels will be 0.9930 levels then levels 0.990 .While keeping the loss of a breach of 1.000 at least a day candle.

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    The pair traded with a strong negative yesterday to exceed our expected target at 0.9856 and settle down without it, paving the way for the continuation of the downward wave in the short term, noting that the next target is up to 0.9700.The positive current stochastic indicator may pay the price for some temporary rise before resuming the expected decline, with attention to the penetration level of 0.9885 will stop the negative scenario and lead the price to start the recovery attempts in the short and instantaneous term.
    Expected trading range for today between support 0.9750 and resistance 0.9880.

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