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    I am a self coaching trader, it is like no body taught me forex trading( I mean having a physical mentor or a coach). I read so many available materials I could lay my hand on on the internet, though the process was very tough but today I can say that I am a successful forex trader because I have things to showcase for my success. I gave myself to much learning and practice and that is why I will always advise people never to miss a webinar whenever an opportunity to attend any comes

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    yes that is true you can teach your self by learning from mistakes and i think that is the best way to become more experienced trader and to become more profitable while trading so i like this way of learning and build your experience to face the market and to make more profits .so i think learning from mistakes is the best way to have the experience to be able to trade and to make more profits.
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    yes you are absolutely correct here. in my view the topic of the webnie is excellent. because you may know about that self help is the best help. you are your besy coach. because you know well what is you problem at all and you can good grown with your mental satisfaction. so it really good for us to join the maximum webnie.

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    Hello, everybody.

    In this webinar we will discuss performance. How to improve it, how to "get on track"? How to choose perfect trading niche? How to learn effectively?

    Everything in webinar tomorrow:

    Know more
    self coaching for trading is really helpful than a teacher becuase when i teacher teaches anything about forex the new trader does not follow his rules and regulations in the begining becuase he wan's to make profit for that he does not follow rules greedness comes his mind that's causes of loss, forex trader should practice on demo account first of all if they see have good expeirence then can start in real account.

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    Its posible to trade forex in a more controled way that we know out there we have to work as hard and properly , there is always better things to do when you are alone especially when you are able to pul the best working formations the best channel that makes it better for us to trade forex

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    I missed this webinar because it will make a great difference for me because i need to know more about the best in forex trading and knows to know how to control myself better, and i hope to see another webinar in the future, it is good to know how to manage the trading especially during opening trades as this mainly affected by emotions of the trader mostly.

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