Do you learn from your losing trades?
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Thread: Do you learn from your losing trades?

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    Hello guys i want to tell you that i think the best method to learn wen you lossing a trade it teach you to don't make the same mistake again.Do you agree?

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    Indeed losses and mistakes could be painfull but learning from those mistakes and correcting them is one of the best ways to become an experienced trader. The more mistakes you learn from and correct the more you become an expert trader with fewer mistakes to make.

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    i think if someone try to find out the reason for loss one can really make good learning form it, normally we never able to find the reason we lose and i believe those who are to find out real problem can make really good profit

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    yes there is always a lesson in any mistakes in the life so here also making mistakes means you got experience in the field of trade and this experience will lead you better in the next trades you make and this also gives the idea what you do in variation of market and give the deseisionj making strong in future

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    It is a matter of the time space of my trading, But no matter what happens, i still makes sure that i gets something out of it that is worth noticing. My trading is full of advancements though, in this, i sees the market more than correcting my tradition, i tries to make modification to the applicable places all the time.

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    fx worrior, The answer is Yes, we need to learn from every losing trader , When losing trades we have made many mistakes , be it greedy ,over trading, high tension and many others mistakes. With learn from losing then we will improve ourselves from time to time so we will be a better trader in day passes.

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    Yes, we know some thing new,when we lose some money in the market, we are the human being we learnt from our mistakes, but if the loss is very day fassion then you may leave this business, we have to arrange money for the business, never give up means that you are losing money but one day you will make it

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    Our loosing trade is our best teacher. We should learn from our loosing trade and try to find out the reason of loosing and try to implement the experience in further trading. If we are able to maintain it on a continuous process, then we can hope to become a good trader one day.

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    losses and mistakes are very painful . but to learn from these mistakes and correcting those mistake i the best way to become successful trader. loosing trad is our best teacher we should find the reason of our loss and should not repeat the same mistake. because doing one thing same and expecting different result can silly work. if we learned from our mistakes we will be better traders as much time pass.

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    if one is thinking of making money when trading Forex,we need to learn from our mistakes when trading because in Forex trading we are bound to make mistake and this is the only way we can get experience to make money when trading the market,though forex is not easy but we can only become a better trader if we learn from our trading mistakes.

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