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Thread: Improvidence and carelessness

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    In the event that a gathering of a dealer could be this earnest then the expedite it's self is more than genuine, sincerely I have perused about such a large number of terms and condition which oppresses the brokers, that is for the most part when it has just subjugated the merchant, hence that dependably stood out enough to be noticed to the terms and condition before joining. I am sure that roboforex is unique if a laborer of it could post such to help merchants from being subjugated.

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    A forex trader must try to overcome some pessimistic emotional side from him, such as profligacy and heedlessness. If a trader feels reluctant to improve his mental abilities, then he may suffer. Again, traders sometimes resist them to accept new things. All such happening can restrain the forex traders to achieve the desired success. A trader must be careful while he is thinking to start trading and he should try to gather basic knowledge of trading.

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    I think there are many retail traders who don't read the terms and conditions or clients agreement before they fill the registration form in a broker. They just clicking the button on agreeing it, at first I do it too, but after I have a bad experience in a broker, then I read those terms and condition. This is an important thing to be done by new clients to avoid any unnecessary dispute in the future.

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    No i have Traded with with many brokers . My experience was even Good I did open a account without reading lenghty Conditions.

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    In my opinion the trading must be studied well . and we should do all our best to get all the required of us to be professional in the trading . also . the trading with a good broker wich can help you and support you with all required tools . also the forum here is the best tool for learning . we can not deny that we learn every day through our comments and themes in the forum .thanks ROBO FOREX

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    its very important for us that i should save out money for our future and for out kids, and thats why they should invest a less money for the now and it will become a big money in our future even we can not use this amount, and our family and our kids will use it in the future. this is the great opertunaty for us to save money for our family and for our kids in the future.

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    I have come to realize some of the reasons why we fall victims of many broker and its because we don't always read through their terms and condition.All we do is just click on i accept and thereby proceed to the main platform and when we now start experiencing their ill side then we start to complain and this brokers at times are not always guilty,it is we that we fail to read through terms and condition.

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