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Thread: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GOLD - Forecast by Anton Kolhanov

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    Now a days Euro + GBU are making their ways towards uptrend and Euro is Targeting to cross 1.2000. The currently this pair is rapidly making it's trend uptrend. Gold, Euro and GBU all these three currency pairs are in buy mode in 2017. Because of the strong dollar these currency pairs and gold have really survived in the past years. But now according to the current situation I strongly recommend to buy gold Euro and GBU more and more. The US dollar will go further down till end of the December 2017.

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    These are very nice;ly described the analysis of pound and euro currency pair. Now these days the most pair are move according to their trend but pound is move flat within 500 pips from last 4 months. Its move flat and follow the previous levels to its movement. Now these days this is best pair to do scalping on it. If we are expert in scalping then we can earn easily good profit with this pair.

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    Good looks good for buy after the daily chart has already shown a bullish pin bar which has already been confirmed by the subsequent daily charts that follow, a pull back is very likely as the instrument is now at the support turned resistance any slight pull back is an opportunity to buy and if you look at the chart attached here you would see that everything is very clear . The only concern I have for now is the USD strength that could stage a come back as a result of the US task reform that has been passed by congress yesterday.

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