Never take risk on your real account
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Thread: Never take risk on your real account

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    I want to say that its a bad thing that you risking your account on one trade because the market its unpredictible you don't know wen the market its going into wrong way.Do you agree?

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    It is certainly true that a lot of forex traders risk their account by trading with very huge lot size in one open position and it is very wrong. I have learnt from experience that it is better to trade with small lot size because it is far better to make small profit consistently than to get margin call

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    fx worrior, Well where there is risk certainly there have some risk, high risk means high rewards also, But if there are trader wants to survive their account and want still earn some good profit although just little by little , the they needs to know how to minimize the risk, a trader can got the skill of minimizing the risk by having good trading skill and good managing the money as wise

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    It is not a matter of choice for traders to get this rightly done, You will have to take a risk before you can ever gain from the market, the market is full of many things that is very sensitive though, and it is the risk, that will bring the money that you want from the market at the same time. If there is no risk, there will be more trading success at the same time.

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    Yes, trading forex with real account is very risky, because the losses that we experience is a real loss. So it's better we do the real trading with a trading plan that has been cooked, and also we already have risk management to minimize the losses that may be we get.

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    Forex is risky trade, so we need to handle it very carefully. But without taking any risk it is not possible to continue forex trade. After opening any position we have nothing to do rather than waiting for the result eight positive or negative.

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    Forex has a risky nature. and risk is very much involved in this business but we have to take risk to earn good profit. otherwise nothing will happen and we will be stick on one point and cant make any progress. so must need to be brave and courageous to take risk and earn good profit. because without taking any risk it is impossible to continue. but we need not to take unnecessary risk in forex.

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    it very important we dont take risk with our real account personally before i do anything with mine real account,i will first do it with mine demo account as i normally use mine demo account to verify mine trading before i place any kinda trading,the demo is the place i make all mine trading decision before moving to mine real account.

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    i think all the Forex market is risky business and we all know that because it is true , and i always say Forex is risky market and we can control in that risk because we have the choice we can make it high and we can make it low , every one as there ability , but i advice to try high and if you failed try the next low until you success ..

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    A trader takes Risks When he gets greedy.He Should not take risk in real account Because all the Investments are in a trader's real account and if he looses in trade, he'll loose all of the money and Become Invested crazy.You can take risk falling on practice range and analyze why and what happens happens in demo account.But in real account, the position is totally different.

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