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    The pair continued lying within the narrow track of the unsub, especially as the price falls below level 0.6795, we are delaying our earlier expectations of the downward trend, bearing in mind that we are currently waiting for the direction of level 0.6654, which is the level Next target.On the other hand, the expected range of trading during the day is between the 0.6654 support level and the 0.6800 resistance level.


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    The pair shows a downward slope now after the strong surge this morning, on the way to a possible test for the 0.6795 level, and as indicated in our previous report, we need to get a clearer confirmation of the following direction by observing the price behavior for For the stated level, and then specify the next destination more clearly.Therefore, we will continue our neutrality so far, and to learn about the expected objectives for the next period, please see our morning report.
    The range of trading expected for the day between 0.6770 support and 0.6910 resistance.

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    The pair of NZD/USD maintains its stability above the 0.6795 level, keeping our positive expectations of the day, supported by the positive signal now provided by the stochastic, waiting to visit the 0.6910 level as a next stop, with attention to the fact that breaking 0.6795 will put The price under negative pressure begins its objectives at 0.6654.
    The range of trading expected for the day between 0.6770 support and 0.6910 resistance.

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    The pair of NZD/USD is hovering around the 50 moving average, while stochastic is trying to gain positive resolve, which will support the expectation of a continuous upward trend in the coming period, where our next target is at 0.6910, while stability above 0.6795 is an important condition To continue the expected rise.
    The range of trading expected for the day between 0.6770 support and 0.6910 resistance.

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    The turnover of the pair is remarkably positive, approaching our expected target at 0.6910, indicating that the penetration of this level will extend the bullish wave to 0.7024 as the next stop.The moving average of 50 supports the price from the bottom, as the upward trend is weighted during the upcoming sessions, taking into account that breaking 0.6795 will stop the proposed height and press the price to shift downward.
    The range of trading expected for the day between 0.6830 support and 0.6950 resistance.

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    I am still developing the system by analyzing my technicality, from the NZDUSD movement today I see from the Asian and London sessions NZDUSD climbed up through yesterday, so I will pull fibo high to low, low to high and find 161 fibo lines which are 0.6913, my analysis tend to buy 1 profit at 0.6893
    take profit 2 is fibo 161 0.6913
    stop loss is 0.6861 or below.
    look at the picture that I included from the trend line line and the white box if the yellow and red lines cut the green line you can cut loss and reverse the position if the three lines cut the middle price yesterday or 50% fibo
    NZDUSD 18 feb.eH1.jpg

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    NZD/USD showed some side trades, which enhances the need for the price to get rid of the negative torque at the moment in order to obtain the positive incentive which would contribute to the payment of trades to continue the expected upward trend during the trading periods Next, especially with the next target level at 0.6910.On the other hand, we will continue to tilt the upward trend if there is no fracture of level 0.6795 and stability below.


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    The pair trading today with a bearish slope after approaching our expected target yesterday at 0.6910, in a way towards a potential test of 0.6795 pivot support, accompanied by stochastic access to saturation areas in the sale, waiting for price stimulation to rebound upwards And to resume the projected upward trend for the next period.Thus, we will continue to tilt the upward trend on the condition of persistence above 0.6795, recalling that the penetration of 0.6910 will pay the price to visit the 0.7024 level directly.
    The range of trading expected for the day between 0.6780 support and 0.6910 resistance.

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    my analysis is currently down from the asia london session he is moving down, and sentiment is still bearish but he has already broken through below from yesterday's low of 0.6839 and reached a price of 0.6825
    ** if you want to take long positions, wait for the price to break the price of 0.6839, I suggest but at 0.6865
    stop loss at 0.6825 or at the nearest low
    ** if you want to sell at this time it is more profitable to take a profit at 0.68062 re entry or hold if the price breaks 0.68062 and take profit at 0.6752


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    The pair resumed its positive trades yesterday to approach our expected first target at 0.6910, so that the upward trend scenario will remain effective for the next period, supported by the moving average of 50, with the reminder that our next target is up to 0.7024.The persistence above 0.6795 is important for the continuation of the proposed upward wave, as it will place the price under negative pressure starting its main objectives by testing the level of 0.6654.
    The range of trading expected for the day between 0.6820 support and 0.6930 resistance.

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