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Thread: Most easy way to trade

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    The problem with many beginners is that they come to earn in Forex that here they will not require to do much work to make profits. Instead of looking for easy ways of trading we should look for ways that will work. We should be prepared to do the needful work because lazy people never earn anything in life. And one mistake traders are making is by doing scalping and thinking that this will give them easily fast profits.

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    I think that it is not bad to copy the trades of other trader. But the newbie should understand why the trader buys/sells currency and why the trader is going out of the position. What events can change market direction or maybe there is time to wait and not place the order. Copy of trades can be good learning process.

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    Learning is helpful to make good trading plan for your business and to follow it rightly with patience will lead you to success. Many traders back away from forex market because they have not proper trading plan most of them newbies. So I suggest the beginners that they learn to use from demo account before start real account trade and make a right trading system for your business.

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    Making an easy trade is not so simple because there is no chance of making any easy success. It's high time we build a perfect means to trade better and understand how important it is to plan for a good trade. We have to cherish handwork and build a profitable system that would help see we become profitable. No easy way to trade good and learning good will give us the chance to improve in forex.

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    Trading becomes easy when the trader has a detailed trading plan. Before entering the position the trader should know exactly:
    - what situations he is looking for, how the setup has to look like on the chart,
    - how this setup correspondes with the general situation at the market,
    - where the stop loss should be placed,
    - what is the profit potential and reason to exit,
    - what is the position size according to the risk per trade set forth by money management rules.
    Understanding of all this issues is important for the trader to be prepeared for any scenario and will also help to avoid actions based on emotions. For this purpose, the detailed plan should be developed before opening the position to avoid the influence of trader`s bias appearing when he has long or short position and unintetially attempts to find confirmation that he is right.
    The main work of the trader is the process of searching for trading ideas and development of trading strategies. Trading itself is just a small part of the whole process, and sometimes it could even be automated to have more time to conduct research.

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    There is no easy way to trade succesfully, trading is difficult but you can be succesful if you work hard and work smart. Though you may be able to find a simple(not easy) trading strategy that will work well, but you will still need to work hard to get it,
    Always have realistic DREAMS!

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    the sites of analysis will be a good helpful for the trader because he will be able to read the chart better and so he will be able to take more accurate decision and he be able to set better trades that will lead to making of good money from the market, the trader should take the right decision as this is very important for getting of success always

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    Many people think Forex trading is really very easy for earning good amount of money and they try to become rich in overnight. But without proper trading knowledge and hard work there is still no way to achieve glorious success in Forex market place. The best thing a Forex trader can do for ensuring his successful Forex trading is work hard with the good trading plan.

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    Trading forex is not as easy as people think , and these is not because its too difficult , I mean hard in labor, but there is tough decisions to make, when you have the right analysis but cannot tell the reaction of other traders , that makes it difficult for you to know what exactly to do, and I usually refer to the 2016 Brexit, there are so many people who dint know that the british people could decide to leave the European Union, so some people could have left their buy position on, thinking they are safe and even better they could earn something from it, how ever the results were stunning it was so difficult to understand them, I was also shocked, so the most difficult part about trading forex , is making the right decision, even when your analysis is right its important to make the right decision when trading forex in line with the right position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naeem555 View Post
    Hy, i was searching some very easy way to trade for beginners or who want to check this in start, we can do trade without good experience also but it may be not satisfied some persons, we need to follow some things:

    1. first of all find good websites for technical analysis

    2. observe sites whose prediction mostly get true

    3. after finding some good sites get some signals sites also

    4. for your trading, wait for the time when all sites have same prediction, almost same support and resistence, signal sites also give the same signal

    i think in this way our profit chances also will be increase, i tried also, and it was not bad, but reality is to learn first then start this,

    Unfortunately market is really hard to fact so many analist has failed so i think the best way trade is based on our own rule and system

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