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Thread: Most easy way to trade

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    Quote Originally Posted by haxis8 View Post
    The most important thing is traders learning which is really needed for all traders. If you are learn well and use those trading patterns which are help traders to find the market trend and when you are use your experience then you will be able to earn money on forex trading. If we are follow the other traders then its not possible for us to make money on forex trading.
    People can explain how things should be done in this business but actually hard to implement that with their own trading. Theories and traders are best friend because they're playing smart when they teach others but struggling when they're trading with their own account. Nothing is easy to do here, even with a good start of learning. Traders must do many things and learn them before they can earn profit from market. It's not that easy as many sponsors said.
    rules made to be followed, not to be broken

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    There is no easy and simple way of trading,trader has to do hard work for getting success in Forex.Learning is the most essential thing for trader without learning no strategy would be good and profitable.Demo accounts are so much helpful for the trader for the purpose of knowledge.For easy and successful trading trader should trade the trend by using the small lot size.

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    There is no one an easy way to get the simple earning without facing any troubles and losses so we cant say that we will easily approve own success without doing lot of struggles on it so we should follow a simple plan and a simple trade system which will support us to make a right and erect way for winning and we can avail chances of success through it .

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    If we find the most easy way of trading then we must need to used the trend line trading startegy because this strategy is very easy and simple for us and we can earn easily big profit from this business when we are follow this trading way. I always like to trade with this trading strategy and this trading strategy is help me to earn good and big profit from this business easily.

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    In Forex there is no easy and simple way of trading,trader has to do hard work for getting success.Learning is the most important thing for trader without learning getting successfully survive in Forex is not possible.There are so many strategies in Forex and every trader has freedom to choose any strategy.For easy trading trade should trade the news by using the good strategy.

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    I have been training on making use of one trading strategy and so far it has got me the extra knowledge I needs, that way making trading more easier for me, that is the same thing with other traders. When we train more, we have a better easiest means to making money. It does not come freely, discipline and hard work matters.

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    It is a good to trade with only one strategy in this market , because for successful trading and for better system of trade we have to use most easy and most successful way in trade , only one strategy give good results only if we have past experience about it and we should develop our plan very well to gain success .

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    Quote Originally Posted by choaa View Post
    In my point of view, getting experience and more trading skills will provide us to make easy earning otherwise w can't find a simple and easier way to reach on success. The trader will have to create his own trading strategy and do trade with proper money management to stay away from any big loss. Without proper knowledge there is no way to do trade in the market with easy method.
    doing all of that requires a long time to spend in market to practice and learn many things that necessary to improve our trading skills better in each and every day. eventually it is all going to be easy for traders after they have the experience in trading after spending years. unfortunately it will not happen to beginners who never learn and find out some easy ways to trade because they must begin it like everybody else do with learning.

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    We all wish to trade forex easily and if possible make money everyday without losing money that's the dream of every forex trader, but this business is more tougher than that before we can start to make money we must really work so hard, there are no easy way to make money, the only way to trade and earn is for us to work very hard, as it's the only way to an easy trading.

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    Trader should understand the market and have experience and then he will find an easy way to trade in forex market. Money and risk management is the key to success and if small size lots are used so it is easy to trade in market. There will be small risk and it will let to survive in market and earn little profit. Trading with big size lots is very difficult and risky.

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