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    Gold price trades settle below the 1411.00 level, keeping negative corrective pressure on the instantaneous range, waiting to break the 1400.00 level to confirm the impulse towards the 1376.30 level, which is our next main goal.Therefore, we will keep our expectations for the downward trend of the day unless the price can penetrate 1411.00 levels and then 1420.00 and maintain it.
    Expected trading range for today between support 1380.00 and resistance 1420.00.

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    Gold markets fell slightly during Thursday's trades and tested the important level of 14:00 for support. We found the support there actually, so this was a good indicator. In fact, the daily candle looks like a hammer and suggests that we can move forward from here, perhaps moving towards the session that will be at the G20 summit is the reason. At the end of the matter, we are likely to see no progress at all in the U.S./Chinese trade war, and this may lead to people searching for some safety.

    We know that central banks around the world seem very likely to continue to cut interest rates, and the federal bank has now joined them. With this in mind, the performance of the gold market is supposed to be good in the long run. The other thing I like about this market is that it seems to be moving in increments of $25, so I focus on level $1400, Level $1375 and level $1350 with a future impact. Eventually, there is a gap at level $1350, which is roughly the level of the Fibonacci retracement of 50% of the last upward move. If we're able to get back from there, we're supposed to find a lot of buying opportunities.

    On the other hand, if we break through the height of Thursday's session, we're probably heading toward level $1440. This is supposed to be the top of the two days ago, frankly I think we're in a little pricey here, so I'd rather look at the value when you undo, with the goal of reaching the heights again, and then maybe level $1500. In this environment, I'm not interested in selling gold.

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    XAUUSD / GOLD commodity prices are now re-erected from the Bullish Minor (Black Line) flow which indicates selling interest is still not responded positively by the market amid concerns about the possibility of a global recession that makes this gold commodity one of the safe haven assets in the spotlight. In view of this analysis, DURING prices are unable to penetrate validly the Black Line, the upside potential is still better this weekend. Lets see.

    The following intraday Support and Resistance price levels:

    Resistance2 (R2): 1438.67

    Resistance1 (R1): 1425.61

    Support1 (S1): 1403.07

    Support2 (S2): 1390.31

    In the chart image above, it appears that yesterday's GOLD only moved slowly in volume below the intraday average. This indicates the low sentiment due to the market outlook which still chooses to wait for the results of the G20 meeting which will have a political impact from the side of the US-China trade war.

    Today, focusing on the analysis of how strong buying interest was formed in response to the rejection of the Black Line yesterday to confirm there is still no dominance of Bullish Weekly flows towards market views and risk appetite. Stay objective, huh!

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    Gold price opened today's trades with a strong rise to penetrate the levels of 1411.00 and 1420.00 and closes the candle of the last four hours above it, pushing the price to return to the rise and stop the downward corrective pressure proposed in our recent reports, on the way to visit the recently registered summit at 1438.90 as a station Main next.Therefore, the upward trend will be weighted during the next sessions unless the level of 1400.00 is broken and the stability is without it.
    Expected trading range for today between support 1400.00 and resistance 1440.00.

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    The last group of twenty meetings messed up the positive scenario that ended the gold price trading session last week at the $1409 levels, the top heights weekly trades were recorded down to the $1439 levels, and with the sharp negative opening we witnessed this morning towards the regions The $1384, the elevation scenario will be cancelled to begin a conditional regression scenario that does not achieve full stability above the $1400 levels, with the need to break the $1385 levels in order to complete the expected downward wave elements of this day

    Direction: low-condition no penetration of $1400 levels and persistence

    Support: 1385-1380-1375
    Resistance: 1400-1405-1410

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    Quote Originally Posted by abohajo71 View Post
    I see on Weekly chart with indicators RSI (5)...Gold Bearish trend go to price 1438.92.

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