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    The price occurs bearish engulfing and turns off 4 candlesticks and forms Low. Prices after breakout are usually corrected upwards and tested the supply zone if prices are able to hold up so prices will come back down.

    Judging from H1 the price has already broken the trendline number 3 and the price is being corrected and if the strong ema 50 holds the price up then the price is predicted to go back down

    Conclusion: Neutral / Sideways (there is a bullish trend exchange being bearish)

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    Gold price was based on the moving average 50 yesterday and began to bounce upwards in from there, approaching the 1346.70 barrier now, waiting to penetrate this level to confirm the continuation of the expected positive scenario in the immediate and short term, which has the following main goal at 1365.25.Be aware that the stability above 1326.00 is important to achieve the proposed objectives, as the crumb will press the price to decrease to test the areas of 1302.60 before any new attempt to rise.
    Expected trading range for today between support 1330.00 and resistance 1360.00.

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    By looking at the H1 timeframe trend, it seems that the pair is still a strong bullish trend. The appearance of a bearish candle overnight was only a correction of the previous day's upward movement, so today the best option is still BUY. Buy limit options can be placed in the function exchange area from resistance to support or RBS as I marked with the line as shown in the screenshot above. The closest target is the resistance at the price of 1357.99

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    Gold prices trading managed to reach the positive insurance levels during yesterday's session, where I managed to achieve a positive closing of the daily candle above the $1245 levels and this came after the upward rally witnessed by the trades to the levels of the $1354, where we indicated the previous report that the ounce of gold does not You still enjoy the positive activity and purchasing power required to achieve more gains, so we will stay with the support of the positive situation and we would prefer to achieve stability again over the $1345 in order to succeed the positive theory weighted for today
    Please trade with caution today because there is news of the US Federal Reserve's interest rate decision this evening.

    Direction: Up-to-the-ground penetration of $1345 levels and persistence

    Support: 1320-1315-1320
    Resistance: 1345-1350-1344

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    Gold price was made noticeable positive trades yesterday and tried to penetrate the level of 1346.70 but he was unable to hold on to it yet, and note that the stochastic indicator acquires a remarkably positive resolve, waiting for price stimulation to resume positive attempts and confirm the penetration of the defense towards the level of 1365.25 Which is our next main goal.In general, we will continue to weigh the upward trend during upcoming sessions with the support of the 50 moving average unless the level of 1326.00 is broken and the stability below it.
    Expected trading range for today between support 1335.00 and resistance 1360.00.

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    The following intraday Support and Resistance price levels:

    Resistance2 (R2): 1367.32

    Resistance1 (R1): 1362.69

    Support1 (S1): 1352.79

    Support2 (S2): 1347.83

    Looks yesterday's GOLD tends to move in an increase that began to be formed since the beginning of the New York session which slowly strengthened due to the fall of the US Dollar Index. This indicates that buying interest is formed by the market's reaction to American sentiment so that the reaction of the non-New York market will probably be able to confirm the continued failure of Bullish efforts.

    Today, focus on the analysis of how strong selling interest will be set up in each session to confirm whether or not the efforts to form a new high level are valid.

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    Today's gold price trades saw an upward rally of heavy caliber, with a heights-ounce constant of more than $30 to $1394.35 levels, recorded more than 5 years ago (precisely on the 16-3-2014), followed by the achievement of the Ascension goals during yesterday's session, and we pointed With the previous analysis to take care of yesterday's trades and we expected that positive support will continue to affect the levels of the $1345 and it would have been, so we would stay with the support of the positive situation which we prefer not to break the support floor at the $1375 (recorded by trades in the month of 7 of 2016) in order to maintain On the positive general character dominating the trades and expected for today

    Direction: upward-provided that the $1375 levels are not broken and the stability below them

    Support: 1375-1370-1365
    Resistance: 1390-1395-1400

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    Gold price trades today begins to rise sharply after confirming the penetration of the 1346.70 level yesterday, exceeding our second target expected at 1365.25 and approaching the barrier of 1400.00 dollars, to keep the upward trend weighted in the immediate and short term, regular within the emerging channel appearing in the picture.Thus, we are waiting for a further rise during the day with the support of the 50 moving average, with the following target of up to 1433.60, taking into account that the stability above 1346.70 is important for the continuation of the proposed altitude.
    Expected trading range for today between support 1365.00 and resistance 1400.00.

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    The dawn of the day witnessed the recording of an ounce of gold to its highest levels during the past 6 years, reaching the levels of the 1411.88, and prices traded at a violent pace from the $1393 levels towards the previous levels, and this came after the steadfastness of gold prices above the important support levels at the $1375 and which stimulated the trades To close the daily candle at the $1388, and therefore we will stay with the support of the positive situation dominating the price of gold ounce recently, and it is normal to see some regression correction but without weakening the current state of purchasing momentum, so we continue to stand with the support of the elements of the rising wave to reach the goal Next at $1415 the priority is not to break the $1390 levels in order to maintain the strength of the positive stimulus effect expected for the day

    Direction: Upward-N-V to not break the $1390 levels and stability without them

    Support: 1390-1385-1380
    Resistance: 1415-1420-1425

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    Gold price opens today's trades with a more robust rise to exceed the 1400.00 dollar barrier and tries to stay on top of it, thus supporting the continuation of our upward trend expectations in the upcoming sessions, where our next main goal is at 1433.60.Thus, we are waiting for a further rise today with the support of the 50 moving average, with the attention that the 1380.00 break will stop the current height and press the price to start a downward correction in the instantaneous term.
    Expected trading range for today between support 1390.00 and resistance 1425.00.

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