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    Gold markets retreated immediately during the two trades and reached an important level of $1285. At this point, we recoil and shape something like a hammer, which of course is a rather positive indicator of this market, but the biggest problem I see is that we continue to form lower heights.

    With a hammer-shaped candle on Monday as a positive indicator, the fact is that it is not even break through above the $1315 level so you can handle any kind of recoil seriously. In fact, it is possible to see a rebound towards the $1300 level where the sellers wait. Remember, a lot of big boxes will look at the big comeback, the important psychological figure as usual. This could be where I see a lot of sales pressure. In fact, this happened during the intermittent Friday trades.

    If we penetrate below the bottom of the Friday candle, this is supposed to open the door to a drop of at least $10. After that, I will take level $1250 below, and frankly I think that level $1275 may be a temporary stop on the road towards lower prices. If you check, you can see that a bearish triangle is forming, which may measure the movement by about $60. This opens the possibility of moving towards the level of $1225 at the bottom, which will be considered structurally logical because the market tends to move by $25 at each step, and of course that area where traders enter more than once. This is a binary trading in that if we reach above level $1315, we can start buying. On the other hand, the sale of penetrations or even short-term resistance candles may continue to be the way forward.

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    - Period 21 Exponential Moving Average
    - Stochastic Oscillator (5,3,3 / Exponential / High Low)

    Trend Analysis and Entry:

    - On the H4 timeframe
    - Prices form a lower peak and lower trough
    - Stochastic is oversold. Form a price correction
    - The trade position is SELL after the correction has finished approaching the moving average
    - Target price to 1262.25
    - Cancel sell if the price exceeds 1290.96



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    Once the $1285 levels were broken, the gold price trades were subjected to a severe negative stimulation, which fell after $12 in a short period of time to the $1272 levels, registering the annual bottom ounce of 2019 after exceeding the bottom that was accepted at the $1277 levels, and technically the gold trades are exposed to a wave Sharp momentum of the BIOS after breaking the $1280 levels we will therefore continue to promote downward trend factors conditional on the fracture of the $1270 areas and exposure to stability without a candle at least four hours, as we prefer the need not to achieve stability above the $1285 levels in order to enhance the expected negative outlook For today

    Direction: Low-we prefer to break the levels of $1270 and stability without them

    Support: 1270-1265-1260
    Resistance: 1285-1290-1300

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    Gold markets came under a lot of pressure during Tuesday's trading, as we hacked down through a major support area at a level of $1280, after which we retreated towards the next support at a level of 1275 dollars. Frankly, at this point, buyers cling to a fine thread and may face major problems.

    The U.S. dollar will of course have an impact on the gold market as well, so if we have seen the US dollar advance, we are likely to see the gold market being put under heavy pressure again. The exponential moving average of 200 days in blue on the chart currently provides support, but at this point it seems to be threatened. At the end of the matter, the candle was very negative, and in fact penetrated behind the hammer that formed the previous session and that was a trend line as well.

    Gold markets can be very sensitive to what is going on with the U.S. dollar and possibly even with bond markets. Remember, we are in the middle of the profit announcement season so the flow of US stocks can affect as well. If you focus on this graph, you can see that something looks like a complex head and shoulders shape that can be started.

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    Gold markets retreated again after initially trying to advance on Wednesday, but then they penetrated down to a level of 1275 dollars again. We did not penetrate that level, but at this point it seems inevitable. That's why I'm going to sell on the short-term advances that were working well during Wednesday's trades, but we're also deliberating on the 200-day exponential moving average which, of course, is supposed to attract a lot of algorithmic trading.

    Down, I think the breach below the level of 1275 dollars opens the door so that the market moves downward towards the level of 1250 dollars. This level is the previous upward pressure zone, so we are likely to find a lot of support in that area. But in the long run, when I look at this chart, I can say that there is a head and shoulders shape, if you tilt the trendline slightly upwards. In that case you can probably move closer to the level of $1225, or maybe even the 1200-dollar level is important. With all the factors neutralized, this market seems to be significantly negative now.

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    Gold markets moved back and forth during today's trading and we continue to see the level of $1275 providing support. The fact that the market has moved back and forth during Thursday's trading is not surprising, considering that we are heading towards a Good Friday holiday and there will be a lot of online trading.

    Looking at long-term graphs is all we can do at this point and there are some points that you should mention. We have recently penetrated through the line of ascending style, and we are now testing major side support. The level of 1275 dollars is important because it will trigger another reason to start selling. In addition, the exponential moving average of 200 days is in the middle of the candle as well, so at this point we are probably going to keep seeing a lot of movement back and forth in this area. In other words, there are many reasons to believe that this market will continue to face difficulties in order to get clarity. But in the end we will proceed in a certain direction and that creates some profit targets.

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    There were no trades in the gold markets on Friday, since it was a great Friday holiday, but when we look at the daily chart, it's easy to see that the level of 1275 dollars is very important. I have some lines drawn on the graph, one is the style line and the other is the support line. We have some scenarios that stand out for me right now, and they're both very descending.

    If we penetrate without decreases on Thursday, then I think the market will retreat to a level of 1250 dollars, maybe even a level of $1225 after that. This can indicate a penetration of the horizontal support line, but, as you can see, I also have a directional line that may indicate the shape of the head and shoulders. If that happens, then we would have already hacked through the neckline, but we still have a lot of room to move. Anyway, both facts tell me the same thing: gold is dropping. One of the things that supports the market now is the exponential moving average of 200 days, so you should know that we may get something from short-term interruptions.

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    GOLD is experiencing a Bearish trend phase.
    Price 1274.02 is now under Moving Average Daily.
    We observe the GOLD chart currently moving from 1279.22 to 1273.17,
    The current CCI indicator is below Zero Level (-88.93).
    Meanwhile the price is above Parabolic SAR.
    The current daily range for GOLD is 290 pips.

    From the market conditions and the above indicators we can SELL with the target at 1270.00.



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    Data released yesterday from the United States showed an increase in the Fed's Federal Reserve index while the existing home sales declined more than expected in March.

    Prices have been lowered after the recent rise of the US dollar index, which trades at its lowest levels, if the price of the strong support line is broken at 1272 prices and closing below it will be the next step with targets up to 1260, but if it stays above these levels it is possible to see a new ascent to Gold prices.

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    Gold prices declined Tuesday, to their lowest level in about 4 months, with the dollar rising and investors taking on high-risk assets, undermining the attractiveness of the yellow metal as a safe haven.

    Prices have been lowered again, trading at the lowest levels, if the price of the strong support line is broken at 1272 prices and closing below it will be the next step with targets up to 1260, but if it stays above these levels it is possible to see a new rise of the price of gold.

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