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Thread: Don't Ever Think About Collecting Loans to trade

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    Don't Ever Think About Collecting Loans to trade

    Forex is a profitable business we can invest and make good returns but it does not look that easy. Some traders make one mistake in forex and this is looking out for loans to facilitate their trade. I tell you this might be dangerous considering the fact that forex is a risky business. You might say that you don't have money to invest but it's better to save up some bucks and trade than borrowing to trade. Illustrating futher, I will list out the both advantage and disadvantage of borrowing loans to trade forex

    * Loans could give you an opportunity to have funds to trade forex.
    * You can make profits from it and repay back leaving you with your profits which you can trade with.

    * Most loans comes with interests and as a trader you must part ways with some of your profits to the person that grant you loans all in the name of interest.
    * it could cause you emotional trauma especially while in loss.
    * how can you repay back loans you borrow when you looses all while trading.
    * you hardly have rest of mind and could make deadly trading decisions just to see if you can breakeven.
    * Borrowers hardly last in forex.

    As you can see you can agree with me that the disadvantages outweighs the advantages of borrowing loans to trade. I will like every members to discuss ways loans could affect a forex trader and provide solutions for how those who don't have money to trade can raise money. Thanks.

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    I also believe that estimation must go first, then your risks are hedged. In Forex, you can make much more per cents than you need to return to your bank. It is pretty much doable to have a loan for trading purposes. I never traded Forex using a loan though, but I am consistent that it is a viable and profitable route to make money.

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