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Thread: Forex - "Fraud" or "Improvidence"

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    We are very well known with the fact that a forex trader is actually receiving good earning opportunities. But the existence of fraud brokers can’t be acceptable in one word. What is the most unfortunate fact is: the number of fraud brokers is increasing day by day. And many foreign currency exchange traders are sometimes even falling in the trap of forex scam brokers due to lack of ignorance and precautionary steps.

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    This is a very good article, I have the same query with the thread starter, because most of the ways the marketing gimmicks are going on in the financial market environments is on its alarming rate, and they are basically selling false information. Well, there is no way the newbies will not be falling a victim as usual, but the experienced traders are now wise.

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    Nice Great Post

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    There are many brokers which are scammers otherwise anyone can earn Good profit with it

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    I do not believe in that forex market is based on fraud but i take option of improvidence because it is a main reason we have in trade we face every day like we do not understand what is the requirement of our trade strategies if we really want to make our trade better so that will help to trade and if we do not analyze our strategy well then we face losses and may we think that this is a market based on fraud which is just of our conservativesness there is no link with the market trading .

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    Your post is really a post to illuminate the aspects where fraudulent acts are been done to us.To be frank a lot of fellow traders are falling victims of those things and it used to take a while before we get to know some brokers are scam and some even disappear into thin air.But i confess am happy to come across roboforex as a broker.

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    In forex I have had two incidences of theft and the third one am not sure if it was theft but , the first one, there was these broker that had bonuses, and he was giving 100 % tradeable deposit bonus and I really wanted to enjoy it, So tempted I got it, and later I regreted because the following day I the broker shut down, the second time, the broker I was using was very good, how ever when I ren a problem with my email on withdrawals, I changed it and by the way when I requested for a withdrawal, they refused and said they dont send money to third part so when I realized it, I started to organize my own email, how ever when my email was hacked, and the hacker requested for a withdrawal , the money was sent to the email, and so that is the time I also lost money again

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