In the market trend, SILVER is still in bullish / uptrend, but we must also anticipate a reversal if the price breaks the support area above and also price consolidation.

In the history of the candle, we can look for entry Buy opportunities, but in order to be more objective, I will present an analysis for buy or sell entries.

If we look at the chart above, the Buyer pressure (the length of the Green candle) slowly increases the price without being able to be opposed by the Seller pressure (the length of the Red candle) and forming a Higher Low.

This indicates that the Buyers still dominate the formation of certain price levels. However, we still can find opportunities in this SILVER commodity.

In the picture, I determine the Area Resistance through two lines above the price (15.35 - 15.32), for the Support area, we can see through two lines below the price (15.18 - 15.15).