Trading with "Zero" Investment.
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Thread: Trading with "Zero" Investment.

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    Trading with "Zero" Investment.

    Is it possible to trade with zero capital.

    i thing Forum Bonus per post make it possible what do you think?

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    Sure, we can trade forex with bonus forums. It's just that often a constraint, which we can not sustain such a bonus when trading forex, we still experience a margin call, stop out, and I also experienced this condition, therefore I hope that I can use the bonus forums well in forex trading.

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    Trading with zero investment? In my opinion is possible but you would be very long to earn a profit for living. I think forum bonus or welcome bonus like no deposit bonus just for practice as to test the trading strategy and practice to control emotions. You can make a deposit when it was ready.

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    Yup that's true to do trade without any investment with the help of this forum everyone can earn bonus money here and can do real trading there is no problem with that so if you no investment don't worry just do daily posting here and earn bonus money for your trading

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    I think there are many established trader in forex world who have started trade with forum bonus. Forum bonus are generated to start trading with real account and prove our capability. Forex is such a trade which can be started with minimum capital, so I think forum bonus can be enough to start forex trade.

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    It is certainly very possible for a forex trader to start trading without making any deposit with any broker because free money is available both from forum bonus and no deposit bonus. All a trader needs to start trading is to open a forum and live trading account

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    If you have $0 in your account balancee its ababsolutely impossible to open an order if you try to do so you'll get a response from your platform stating that you don't have enough money ,so its either you deposit or you keep posting and wait for accumulated bonus to be deposited to your account at the end if the month.

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    Robo forex is the good broker and it provide us bonus for posting and this solves the financial problem of most of the forex traders. It is the best broker which have less spread so if we dont have enough money but still a good trader then we still able to get much money.

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    Yes with out investment Forex trading can happen.
    Their are three ways to start Forex trading with out investment from your won pocket.
    1- Some brokers are tied up with some Forex forum where you have to participate in their message for which you will be getting some bonus which is only allowed for trade and the profit you make can withdraw.

    2- Some brokers give no deposit bonus by which you can start trading.

    3- You can join any broker as affiliate and the trader you introduce will help you to get free bonus amount to start trading.

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    of course, we can use bonus for post from forums or also we can use welcome bonus no deposit, there are many brokers who offer these chances for us, then we only need to take them with responsibility, because they are good opportunities for everyone, and with them, we have no risk for trading, just spend the time for learn and practice and use them for making unlimited income and even get success

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