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    From Zero To Hero

    Hi Guys,

    I came 3rd in Week with CFD #13 and i will get $195. It is really exciting.

    The Goal: $19,500.
    As i win $195, i need to trade 195 lot to able to cash out. When i finished 195 lot, i will cash out small amount like $10-$50 as proof.
    $195 x 100 = $19,500. If i can turn 3,000 to ~40,000 in contest, so i can do it again. I will need 2 weeks (in theory). But i not greedy so i will take it slow.

    Here my plan for next week:
    - Turn $195 to $500, trade 20 lot
    - Finish ITM in Binary Option Contest

    I trade CFD (mainly DAX) and Forex.

    If i finished Week with CFD Contest again, i will post a general strategy here.

    Have a great weekend guys!

    All the Best,

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    Your trading style sounds good, but my advice is to stay away from risking because the more you risk losing more focused in successive trading means you win less in consecutive trades without losing means you win 10 small trades better than you win one big one and lose two I wish you great success in this trade

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