Greed is a big enemy for every trader?
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Thread: Greed is a big enemy for every trader?

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    Post Greed is a big enemy for every trader?

    I think forex its the best business in the world and its more profitable then any other business but greed dominato to in this business and that is why a lot of traders faild to make profit.Do you agree?

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    fx worrior, The reason why a lot of traders failed to make profit because greed are greed often leads to trade high lots or over trade in one times and the traders who are uncontrolled their greediness often risk more than 10% of their equity, this makes traders failed as quickly .

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    Greed is big enemy- I agree. But we can easily control greed in our trade through planned trading. If we run forex trade according to trading plan then our greed cannot inspired us to make over trade and become looser. For that our knowledge and experience is also a factor to run trade in a planned method.

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    I believe that greed is not a good thing, but it is not that bad when it comes to the issue of forex trading. Forex traders must know that they must be very smart in doing their trdaing, if you want to be smart at times, there is no way you will not get greedy. This is why you must only be careful of the way that you are adopting your account.

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    There is absolutely no doubt that greed is a very big enemy of success in forex trading. The best way to avoid the problem of greed is to trade with small lot size. Traders must know that it is far better to make small profit constantly than to get margin call

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    True, every forex trader certainly have problems in dealing with the greed in itself, because forex trading has innumerable opportunities to make profit and greed often we resort confused when trading forex. So we need to always conduct themselves when trading forex, trading in accordance with our plan and our plan is to do it consistently.

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    That's true statement that Greed is a big enemy of our trading I also loose many time money here in this business because the problem of greed and I want to tell my newbie friends that's never become greedy in the market and use a proper money management and a very good strategy for your trading

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    Yes of course greed is the biggest enemy of a Forex trader while trading.Greed makes you to trade under huge pressure,of getting huge profits in a short period of time.It an force you to invest huge capitals.A trader should always need to reduce greed or stay away from it.It an only lead to making huge losses in a short period of time.

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    Defenatly greed can be our enemy while trading, because the market is very tempting and so it would want you to make mite entries with must likely with a high lot size and when the market goes against you you either close your order with major lose or hold on and end up getting a margin call ,,which is a very bad attitude towards your trading career, if you want to make success in forex you have to do away with greed.

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    you can not be a good trader if you drive with your greed. for this emotion you will never be pleased with your profit. always you feel that i can earn more from those trade. so you started to take unnecessary risk. you will want to always trade in the market. these will drive you to be aggressive and one day you will be's quiet simple.

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