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    The pair of EUR/USD during the Asian dealings for Thursday's session in the second of its highest level since 21 March.
    As shown on chart show that the prices are trying to catch breaths after the last strong ascent, and with no signals to change the overall bullish trend, breaking levels of support at 1.1340 would allow the prices to retreat more and possibly test levels of 1.1310. At the same time any penetration of nearby resistance levels at 1.1360, would invite buyers to enter again and possibly test 1.1385 levels.

    Support: 1.1340 – 1.1310 – 1.1290
    Resistance: 1.1360 – 1.1385 – 1.1410

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    EURUSD is experiencing a bullish trend phase.
    The price of 1.1362 is now under the Moving Average Daily.
    We observe the EURUSD chart currently moving from 1.1348 to 1.1391,
    The CCI indicator is currently below Zero Level (-143.80).
    Meanwhile the price is below the Parabolic SAR.
    The current Daily Range for EURUSD is 16 pips.

    From the market conditions and the above indicators we can BUY with a target at 1.1410.

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    The pair shows a slight downward slope now, and by scrutinizing the graph, we find that the latter movement is within the instantaneous, downward channel shown in the sub-image, which we believe constitutes an upward learning model, and therefore, the price needs to penetrate 1.1380 to activate the effect Positive for this model and then rush to achieve our expected goals that start at 1.1443 and extend to 1.1565.Thus, we continue to weigh the upward trend during the next sessions, provided that the price keeps it steady above the 1.1320 level.
    Expected trading range for today between support 1.1280 and resistance 1.1443.

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    EUR/USD moves back and forth during Thursday's trades, as we continue to bounce back the moving average of 200 days. At this point, I think that the market is simply looking for a reason to move, but that will not be until we get to the G20 summit and get the statement from the United States or China. At this point, I think that a lot of people wondering whether commercial wars are going to worsen, but at this point I think that what will be the biggest engine of this market is the federal bank as well. Eventually, the bank started talking about lowering interest rates, which is a big change from their previous position. In this case, we are very likely to be entertained by seeing the interruptions, but I think there is upward tendencies in the end.

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    price movements in the EURUSD pair on Thursday only moved within a limited range of sideways in the range of 37 pips. Movement Conditions The current price is still sideways seen from the Daily and Weekly Moving Average but still tends to rise seen from its Monthly reference.
    Then the BUY option as close as possible the support level will be an attractive choice.

    We can do BUY options as close as possible to the level of 1.1319 with Stop Loss at the level of 1.1297
    We can do SELL options as close as possible to the level of 1.1420 with Stop Loss at the level of 1.1458

    Key Level:
    Support: 1.1271 and 1.1283
    Resistant: 1.1468 and 1.1448

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    The pair managed to penetrate the resistance of the rising flag to get a positive stimulus that supports the expectation of continuing upward trend during the next sessions, and the road is open to achieving our first goal which exists at 1.1443, with the reminder that its breakthrough will pay the price to 1.1565 as next station.
    Therefore, we will maintain our positive expectations unless the level of 1.1320 is broken and the stability is without it.
    Expected trading range for today between support 1.1280 and resistance 1.1443.

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    Buy from zone

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    Eur USD key level is 1.10 if it broke this time 1.15 is confirmed

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