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    yes this strategy is just like i said(stress free) for you do not need either a stop loss or a take dont need to constantly watch the market for trading signal or the direction of the trend.

    common sense
    a lot of patience
    you need to trade a currency ie. USD , EUR, etc.why am i saying this this is because pairs eg eur/usd dont trade or move on their own thier movements is determined by the action of the euro or the usd, it usd is stronger then eur/usd will sell and the opposite for euro

    say you analyze the market and see that the usd is traditionally you will sell the eur/usd and place your stop loss and the take profit then wait for either one to be hit.if you were right you get your profits but before you do you have decided that you are ready to lose the risk ie stop loss in an attempt to make the profit.

    if i see that the usd is strong and the eur is weak, i would also look at other correlated pair like the gbp/usd and then arrange them in the order of the strongest to the weakest and say i find that we start with usd as the strongest then gbp and eur as the weakest,so i would trade the usd currency
    i will sell eur/usd for i expect it to sell more than gbp/usd.but because we are never too sure of our trades and nothing is a guarantee in forex then i have to put a safety measure on the trade and because i expect the gbp/usd pair to also sell as they are positively correlated i dont sell it too but i make it be my safety line so i take the opposite trade on it.and that will be a buy position

    if the trade goes as i had analyzed then this will mean that eur/usd sell will be in profit as the usd was strong and the eur was weak.but gbp/usd would be in a loss as the usd was still strong ang gbp was weaker but not as weak as the eur so this means that the profit will be more in eur/usd than the loss in gbp/ overall i will be in profit.
    the purpose of the counter trade is to caution you against losses
    what if i was wrong then the eur/usd would be in a loss but the gbp/usd would be in profit this means i may be in profit and if it is a loss then it is a small loss so what i will do i just hold on till when the results are good and close both of them
    so far so good the only weakness is that some trades my take up to a week before they get to where yuo want to close them out
    some times the profit is not much but it is still a profit
    there is never a sure way of telling the strongest and the weakest currency but you can start off at looking at all the usd,eur etc pairs then the one with the most buy positions is the strongest and the opposite is true for sell

    lastly i dont think that posting even charts is as important for we are not trading any parttern or resistance or support, but i will keep you up dated on the trades that i take from now on.hope we move along perfectly

    all criticizers ,newbie and pro traders are welcome for a healthy contribution
    this is just a guide and even if i had a million pages i cannot talk about it all so it is up to you to test it out and find out if it is working out for you .

    thanks to all

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    Forex trading is not easy and simple trader has to do hard work for getting success.Learning is the most important thing for trader without learning no strategy would be good and profitable.Demo accounts are very helpful for trader for the purpose of knowledge and testing a strategy.Trader usually get stress by choosing the wrong strategy therefore trader should choose the good strategy and use the small lot size for trading.

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    What traders should always understand when it comes to forex trading is that they must be prepared to work very hard. It won't be so easy at first and this is why they must get ready to learn on this business and make sure to have all it takes to succeed well on their trade. As traders, nothing will be stress free or easy with forex and we must be prepared to improve on this chance and work towards the best process to learn from our very experience.

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    Almost all traders got a stress here and most of them losd in this business because cant able to control their emotion because when you have got a syresd your emotion is unstable and easy for you to make a wrong decision. So i think to avoid the stress just enough to trade acclrding your plan or management.

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    to control your risk is the basic thing to do for a trader so first manage your money and risk because trading market is very volatile and you can face loss in any moment if you can manage your money you can easily carry on your trade and recover your money back in just one trade more so it is the best way to survive in the market and get real experience in the market without any big loss. There is high possibility that new traders will be stressed, and there are many things which are causing that. We can make our training for a long time, that will be a good sign for us to trade this market like professionals. The level at which the stress will be affecting the professional traders will be so little, that is what i know that we should all go for. The traders which are trading with long term strategies likewise have less stress.

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