Do you belive that stop loss can save our account?
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Thread: Do you belive that stop loss can save our account?

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    Question Do you belive that stop loss can save our account?

    I think wen we start forex trading than at first we should set up the stop loss because some time the market its high volatile and then we can loss our capital that's why we should not open any trade without using stopp loss.Are you agree with me?

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    Yes I do. Stop lost can save my margin trading from a lot of floating minus and MC when I have put a stop lost it right. Besides the necessary setting leverage and Lot with correctly. But stop lost can create a lost quickly when the trading strategy is not good and have a bad psikology management.

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    yes i agree with you man , and i think stop loss is the great factor which control on the trader and also control in your account and losing , and your stop loss can protect you from lossing all of your profit so it also keep your profit , and i think all of the successful trader use stop loss in that market ..

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    Stop loss is very important for forex trader. It is very good option for saving in your account.It is preventing any big losing.Forex market is very risky market.It can chance in any moment. So every forex trader should use stop loss.

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    There are many things that you may use to protect your trading account as a forex traders that knows what is right and does it rightly. You can protect your trading account through stop loss usage. You can also protect the account by hedging and arbitrages. But the most effective one is the stop loss protection.

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    Putting TP and SL can save our account from any unwanted hazard. It is very essential to ensure proper use of these 2 indicators in each trading. So, we need to get the knowledge on using these valuable tools in a perfect way so that we can save our account from sudden burn.

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    stop loss are use to prevent our capital from reaching marginal call but it can also use to safe guide our capital when trading,i forex trading we are bound to make profit and loss when trading but stop loss is use to safe our loss and capital and as well it use to safe our profit from turning loss when trading the market.stop loss is very important when trading.

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    Yes , i believe it. For me stop loss is very important to use at every transaction. in case we dont use it then we must be in front of the PC every moment to monitor a chart and watch which is not possible . so i advice everybody to use it to save from unexpected things

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    No, because I use a strategy that is not matched by adding stoploss, so I better just using the manual method. But many forex traders use stop losses because their strategy is better if added stoploss, so it depends on the strategy that we use.

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    stop loss is very use full tool and it secure us from big loss if you have open many position stop loss help you to cut those position in small loss if market goes against you. stop loss is good to use when you are trading with big lots but i think we can not use stop loss very tight use it with some analysis,

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