The rules of the section “Forex-Analysis: currency and metals”
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Thread: The rules of the section “Forex-Analysis: currency and metals”

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    The rules of the section “Forex-Analysis: currency and metals”


    These rules apply to the forum section “Forex-Analysis: currency and metals” and are in addition to the basic rules of the forum.
    In the section “Forex-Analysis: currency and metals” it is not allowed to post messages in the form of unsubstantiated, that is not reasoned statements, such as "It will go SOUTH and that's it!"

    What kind of message can be considered good?
    • The one with the author's argument, that is the only your own text, no copy-paste and no forums or news groups and websites.
    • The use of the quoted text (analytics, news feed) must be framed in quote tags and have an inactive link to the source. The example of an inactive link: _

    Screenshot from the layout is the best way to illustrate your thoughts. Messages without screenshots may be removed by the moderator without explanation.

    Not allowed!
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