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Thread: Can I use on mobile ?

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    I don't think that forex trading in mobile Web platform is possible you have to just download the mobile platform from whichever store that you are using for either android or Windows Mobile you have to know that this specific difference is that that you can't add any indicators

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    I have used almost all trading platforms available in FX industry. Web trader too. But I can say that ultimate platform is mt4. Nothing is comparable with simplicity, eficiency, stability and customisation of mt4 platform. Brokers shoul put much more focus on mt4 improvements than to waste time and eforts about any other platform. Trading is serious job and it is not video game. Some of platform look like some video game.

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    If you prefer the Web trader then you can download Google chrome or use your phone main browser but I see no reason why someone should trade using web trader on his/her phone when it will he more easier and more convince to trade using the meta trader version, the Mobil app is the best platform we can possibly use on our mobile.

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    I've opened the WebTrader on my smartphone that has a screen size of 4 inches. But I never use another phone or know the experiences of others on this matter. Most of them use mt4 on their cell phone or smartphone. Most traders use the same thing, because I think WebTrader rarely used by people, and people are accustomed to using mt4. But the choice is in our hands, which is more suitable platform with us. I myself can use almost all of the trading platform but I am more focused to mt4 only.

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    Personally I like trading with mobile devices and the platform that I use and continue to use is the one that is in Android for because for the most of the phones that I have used are in Android platform plus the easy of trading and interacting with the platform it's easy to make trades and to cut them

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    yes you can use a mobile and for the right reasons we have to see that we are working for the best market and forming the right perspective in trading and so we work as hard and be sure that we are all doing the right thing in trading forex and for these there is something good that comes with a mobile, though a mibile is not as comprehensive as an mt4 these works to

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    yes you can I personally use webtrade in my mobilephone. Actually the main fact is that you have learn the trade at first. it is not a matter that where you trade web or mt4. try to analysis the market and follow someone who has clear idea about markets. to get live Idea about web trade you have to trade in web.

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    I think mobile trade is best in Forex. Fired is online and hone based system. Do we can trade here anytime and from anywhere use by our mobile phone. No need any computer or any pixed place. If we trade with our mobile we can trade very easily.

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    Modern technology nowadays has made it possible to trade forex on tablet ,android and other smart phones with good web browser like google chrome,mozilla firefox etcbut these tools must have refresh to help in your internet connection.Trading made easy is what i call those equipment since it portable and affordable.

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    Mobile is a wonderful device for trading. Forex isva wonderful online business. We can trade here anytime and from anywhere use by mobile. We can invest here our extra and idle time. So my opinion mobile is best for Forex trade.

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