Forex its not a fake business do you agree?
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Thread: Forex its not a fake business do you agree?

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    Post Forex its not a fake business do you agree?

    I think forex its the best business in online and even in the world because here you can earn unlimited profit and request you payment daily and its not turning into scam.DO you agree?

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    Yes i totally agree with you that the forex trading is not fake business and it is world wide business and 7 trillion dollar market so it never be fake because the lot of banks , multinational companies invest their money in the banks so it never be a fake business.

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    Forex is very legit business and you know this is very largest business in the world from all. because this is trusted and very profitable business. And mostly banks, governments are involve in this business even this is regulated...

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    If i may ask, what is a fake business?because the way i see things here, it should not have been written about the forex market.It is never fake business, but there are so many fake traders trading the forex market, and this is why the market is like this, they think that it is the worse market that is very risky.

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    many people who never join this field mostly those think that forex is not genuine business it is based on gambling.but their views about trading is wrong they need to join this field and then they should give any kind of negative feedback about trading those who are in trading know that it is not fake business its depend on trader skills not on guessing numbers.

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    yes i am agree that forex is not a fake business. it is wrong statement forex is trust able job you can trust on it me and my all family is the members of forex because it is real job all persons can join this they have sample ways of joining and earning so you can trust on forex you well find it very clear.

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    forex is not a fake business it is a real and profitable business all over the world and we can earn a good income in presence of knowledge and experience. peaple are joining day by day because of its reality and online quality. it has risky nature and you can get a loss but all is according rules of this business and noting is scam

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    True, forex business is not a fake, because it is a forex trading real currency in which we can make a profit by exploiting price differences are always changing every time. Forex trading also has a special body to handle and protect customer funds in forex trading.

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    Fake !!!
    I get confused to read your title. Forex Trading is a real business all over the world. You never lost your one Penney here by any cheating. You loss your money by your own mistake. So why it will be a fake business?

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    Yes I agree. Forex is a real business. Forex is a business as any other business in the financial sector that has have regulatory. Forex trading is a fair and responsible. In the forex business l anyone can profit and anyone can loss. In my opinion when there is a scam on forex that only works on a broker.

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