With a forex teacher you can learn faster?
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Thread: With a forex teacher you can learn faster?

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    Post With a forex teacher you can learn faster?

    Helloo guys you think if a forex teacher can teach you to be successful faster then learning on your own what you think?Please share your oppinion.

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    as we know that our learning skills are not strong its natural like without teacher we can pass our school or college education so in forex same thing we can say for newbie it is good to learn from mentor which can teach us right thing on right time which able the trader to learn well and only mentor can clear our doubts about trading.

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    many time you well be many question about your jobs like forex. there are many ways to resolves your questions and problems the one successful way of this purpose you always found a teacher for your better guidance so you must be get some knowledge from your teacher for better forex trading.

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    Of course, if we learn forex so we can learn more about forex trading, forex is because teachers have certainly had a lot of experience and knowledge, so we can ask for suggestions to improve our skills in forex trading and also asked for guidance on appropriate strategies to us.

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    learning forex from an expert successful trader is also a good method of learning and best advantages of this method is you can learn better by cross questioning and he can share also his personal experience with you. he can give you tips for success like how to handle the pressure how to control emotion , how to avoid greed which you can not learn by self or from books.

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    It is better to learn with a forex teacher, but doing things in the your way will still take a longer time. I will prefer to learn from many sources and takes the best out off the things that i learned from the difference sources to make my own adjustments. This is independent kind of learning, but it is still from tutors actually.

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    It is certainly far better to learn forex trading from an expert trader than to try to learn how to trade forex on your own. Learning from an expert makes it very fast and easier to learn and also a lot of experience which the expert has would be passed on to the trader.

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    Yes i totally agree with you that learning Forex trading business from a Forex teacher is very useful.Teachers are expert and professional and they an guide you on a right direction.You will get knowledge about how to make strategy and from where to learn about Forex.Learning from an expert trader makes you to learn and understand faster and easier.

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    I think it would be better to learn forex faster through the direct assistance of a teacher. I do not get any assistance from such a teacher who can teach me forex. This forum and demo is my only teacher through which I am trying to learn forex trade.
    Through this forum I am able to learn much more but it takes huge time also.

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    Forex trading business is a business of trading skill knowledge experience and last but not the least our trading psychology, and as far as I feel no teacher can develop experience and psychology, so though we need initial assistant but overall this business is to be learned by self study and self analysis only for a long term sustainability and making career in this.

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