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    We know that gold its more expensive then silver but at forex this is not a problem maybe you can earn with silver more then gold.Which its your favorite?

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    silver and gold both are use in forex for trading in metal i personally prefer gold cause silver movement is quite slow thats why its better to trade in gold.i started with silver but now i am trading only in gold which give me more chances to earn good profit.also fundamental analysis based news of gold we can more easily get as compare to silver.

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    Funny I usually ignore the commodity market or trading ,but I took my time out this holiday to study the gold chart and some other instruments, and I discovered some uniqueness about trading in gold which made me reconsider my thoughts about commodities market, currently I wouldn't say that I prefer gold over silver hence still carrying outu research but when am done I'll decide which is best to trade on.

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    My favorite for trading purpose among Gold and Silver is Gold. The reason behind is most of countries and trader talk about Gold rather than silver which cause more fluctuation in that metal, so it is better opportunity to trade frequently to make money.
    But Gold trader always remember that you should keep sufficient margin or else your account may wiped out with full margin in quick period of time.

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    Gold and Silver both metals are very good and you can earn very nice income by both metals.. but if you have very good experience in the Gold and Silver so then you can doing trading and then you can understand to the working.. otherwise you can not earn money..

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    i think that you are right in forex there is sometime more earning in silver then gold but also sometime there is more earning then gold in currencies pairs. this is because in forex you can earn a lot in that thing in which you are expert so if you are expert in currencies pairs rather then gold pair then you can even earn more then gold pair trading in currencies pairs.....

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    forex trading is a very wonderful business where we can trade with gold or silver. but gold is more profitable that silver trading. but in gold trading there are so much risk. because the price of gold is always going up and down.

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    As far I know about gold and silver both are high volatile metal so personally I not like to do trade in these two metals for now i am doing trading only in currency market and like to do trade with high volatile pair and major currency pairs but if you like metal then for sure you can do trade in gold and silver

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    both silver and gold are good metals for trading, but gold may have more spread than silver, but both of them are profitable , trading with them requires training on them first as they have rapid and big movement and with high spread they become risky for trading, but if the trader maser them he will be able to make good profits from them on long term term.

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