Which one you like your job or forex?
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Thread: Which one you like your job or forex?

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    Post Which one you like your job or forex?

    We know that at forex we can make huge money but in the same time you can losse a lot of money and the second chance its your job.What you choose you job or forex?

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    Well, even though my job gives me a stable income it can not meet all my needs and what i get as income from my job cannot buy me the luxury car that i want so i would confidently say i like forex trading more than my job because forex can give me the money i need to get the luxuries of life

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    Quote Originally Posted by fx worrior View Post
    We know that at forex we can make huge money but in the same time you can losse a lot of money and the second chance its your job.What you choose you job or forex?
    I like the forex trading because with the forex trading i will make the huge money and it is my independent business that i do rest of my life and it give me financial independent and unlimited money and i do this business when i am free time and any where in the world.

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    now i am student and trader mean there is no other job i am doing in a same time other then forex but in future i would like to work in both cause permanent is also useful thing which monthly gives us fixed money and forex can add support in our daily life routine so i can say both are good but more important for me is forex.

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    Personally I like forex trading than my current job. I can do wherever I am on forex, at home, in the office and also the vacation. I can easily open a chart and then make an analysis. May be due to have a lot of time to spend for forex then I prefer forex.

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    I wanted to make forex trading as a major work, because I think forex trading is a great opportunity for success is difficult to obtain through other jobs. So I try my best to learn forex, and later I was able to get a career best job of forex trading.

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    forex is better if you have knowledge and experience about forex because in forex it is your business and you are boss of you are own business. and you can earn more then by doing a job. but you have to get knowledge and experience then it can be the base of your income. otherwise you can not survie in this business.

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    I have some past experience of job and now I am trading with forex. Both the job and trade are different in nature. In any job, monthly salary are ensured where there are fixed time table. But it is completely different in trade, here no boss, no fixed time table. Comparing both the job and forex trade, I think trading is better than any low paid job if the trading are made properly.

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    Forex market is a business, it is not a job. If it is a matter of job, you will be answerable to someone, this is what i define to be job, but if it is the ideas of your own, and you can control by yourself, it is then an independent business. Forex market is a place where you are answerable to knwo one, you do your things the way you want, and get the result.

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    as i am an engineer and i love this profession and my base of income is also my professional job. but forex also meet my mind very much so i also love forex trading and it is also my alternative source of income. the best quality of forex which attract me is its online quality and time flexibility. and i can trad here whenever i want and from wherever.

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