Social webtrader or mt4 platform?
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Thread: Social webtrader or mt4 platform?

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    Hello guys i think the social webtrader its better then mt4 platform because we can copy other successful traders and we can get useful information from others.Which wan you choose social webtrader or mt4 platform?

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    social web trader is not very much famous and not every broker offer most famous ad reliable terminal is meta trader 4 and 5 so i suggest you to use that terminal also by using trade copier function if your broker allow you then you can copy trade on mt4 trading terminal as well.

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    There is certainly an advantage of using social webtrader platform over mt4 and i would definately prefer to use social webtrader because the social platform will connect me with other expert traders which gives me the chance to copy their trades and learn from them

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    Hence I don't have a good understanding of what social trading entails and also the fact that I don't trade myself I'll choose meta 4 trading platform over the social web trader, although I would look into the social web trader to have a good understanding on how to exploit its opportunities, because as the saying goes information is power. Thanks for bring this to my awearness .

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    I think knowledge is the main thing while trading, because although you follow one successful trader to copy his trades still you will be confused and get panic in small volatile as you have less knowledge and do not know what should be the stop loss and target price, and as they have knowledge they can alter the position in emergency as per their risk management level.

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    Well I am busy with meta trader 4 software only and that's true that our main aim is to learn about forex so its not matter much from where we are learning at the moment our practice is very important in forex so for me only meta trader 4 software will be best

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    i did not try webtrader before but i think that meta trader 4 is better and more reliable for trading, with meta trader4 the trader you can put any indicators and put any strategies easily,also most of the strategies and indicators available online are designed for meta trader4, so i prefer to use meta trader 4 than any other platforms as it easier for me for trading.

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