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    Financial Market Regulators

    Active development of economic relations, the emergence of new segments of the financial market and a steady increase in the number of participants, helped to create a set of rules, regulations and regulatory framework that would regulate this relationship.

    But the presence of all these rules and regulations, without specially created organization that oversee their continuous compliance, it would be insignificant. That is why, for the coordination and oversight of financial market participants, the organizations were created - regulators, one of the priorities of which was to protect the rights and interests of non-professional participants of the financial market. This task is achieved through well-designed mechanism of regulators.

    However, it should be noted that not all segments of the financial market were equipped with an effective regulatory tool. Unlike the stock market, in the Forex market is no specific regulation. This is due primarily to the fact that the Forex market has no central headquarters, as well as any reference to the geographical area.

    Forex market is an international universal network that consists of a large financial-credit and brokerage companies, dealing centers and other organizations and individuals that provide various kinds of services in the sphere of the speculative activity.
    But despite the lack of a single regulator, some economically developed states have created at the relevant authorities governing the activities of the participants in the Forex market, as well as affecting their financial policies.
    However, some of these regulators have gained not only national but also international status. The possession of such a license regulator provides more benefits to its owner over other market participants specialized finance, for a company with such a license, is more credible and others believe to be reliable.

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    always use regulater broker it,s good to protect our money, there are a lot of regulater like cysec,asic,mfid and fca etc.if broker regitered one of them than you have no need to worry about your investment.i like most of them Asic cause it,s from austrailian government coz australian govermnt rules are very strict for brokers

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