Which mobile platform its better android or IOS?
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Thread: Which mobile platform its better android or IOS?

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    Post Which mobile platform its better android or IOS?

    Hello guys i want to know which platform its better i have android phone and i have the metatrader platform its really good but you can't close position. I want to know Iphone platforms are better?

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    I think maybe we are better off with windows mobile forex trading, I have not used windows mobile, but at least we already know about the ability of the windows to make the operating system, Windows Mobile definitely designed to be compatible with a variety of software.

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    I am using Computer in forex trading as I feel comfortable with big screen. I have no such mobile which can be used for forex trading, so I have no idea on it. Yet I guess that mobile trading can make our trading easy as it is easy to carry. While I am able to earn expected profit from this trade, then I have plan to buy an androyed phone to make forex trade.

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    I prefer android and it is very strange if your android cant close position because i know android tablets and phone that do all that is needed just like the mt4 on pc. Maybe you try to reinstal the software or report the problem to your broker so they can fix the problem

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    i personally have experienced in android platform of mt4 which is quite good and easy thats why i suggest you to use that terminal for trading first but fore your satisfaction you can try IOS version as well if you have any apply device like tablet or phone but i am using android on my android tablet.

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    well I believe that both platform would offer the same trading experience and facilities,although I haven't used the iPhone platform yet but am very familiar with the android OS which I most say is okey for me.

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    My Friend I use Android Mobile set and I think it is good for me and I have to idea on other mobile trading platform like IOS. I think in android we can get mt4 platform and also some indicators included. a forex trader must be well educated on Forex education and forex trading platform.

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    In mobile platform android is better than IOS because in android there are specail indicator and also we can get mt4 for a long term, and i not sure to say that IOS have some own qualities, every new and old thing have there own qualities and some times you don't compare these with each other

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    I can not understand andriod and ios and i have no knowledge about these two, i can use robo forex trading business for such type of new things to learn about them and gain experience, we are thankfill to forex trading business for giving such type of chance of learning

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    Well is am forex trader and trading since many years.I can say that android is the best option to trade in forex.When i was a new trader i i started trading with a mobile only,which was i android and i traded for almost two years and i an say that i didn't faced many problems because it supports very well and make it as easy as you trade on computers.

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