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Thread: Forex Trading In Islam (Permissible or Not)

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    Yayami, luck is simple and if we work on luck we do gambling but at same time we cannot ignore luck also, sometime we can earn by luck and some time we can lose by luck, so make sure you accept luck but not depend on luck when you depend on luck you can do gambling and can lose big, so make sure you trade properly with some plans without analysis do not enter into market
    that's the reason why people out there are keep thinking about forex is prohibited since their mindset find it equals between forex trading and gamble. only a smart, experienced, and well educated person who will only think that forex trading is allowed to do as long as there's no interests or swap involved in trading. and one more thing, each trading decisions must be made through deep analysis with no speculation. i'm fully aware of this as a Muslim trader and do my best not to depend on luck, don't get the swap, and always use my analysis to trade.

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    In a downtrend, the sellers are in charge since they wouldn't fret selling at a low price. They sell low since they anticipate that prices should drop significantly further. Buyers are apprehensive in a downtrend, and they agree to buy just at a rebate. The price descends on the grounds that the power of the sellers' greed overwhelms the buyers' fear and uneasiness. The downtrend begins to bomb just when sellers refuse to sell at lower prices anymore.

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