Does a disaster affect the market?
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Thread: Does a disaster affect the market?

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    Hello guys a disaster can affect a lot of trader if a disaster have happens in that country what we have opend.Do you agree?

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    Most definatly a disaster can affect the currency of such a countr,like for instance when the September 11 suicide plan crush that occurred in us there was a sellof of most us stocks and also the us dollar, so if the impact of the disaster was much be rest assured that there would be a major impact in the currency market.

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    Definitely their will be heavy affect n currency if anything disaster happen in any country, because if the disaster like earth quake r cyclone happen then obviously the economy of the country will go down which will impact the currency heavily. I think thinking of such things are also very dangerous .
    But for sure it will affect the Forex market, because if disaster happen in one country as we are in Globalization the same disaster may affect some near by country.

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    Yes, natural disaster has major impact on Forex trading. If tremendous natural disaster takes place and can havoc destruction then it change the world economy as well as Forex market because Forex closely related with world economy and it change for any major change in world economy.

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    Yes that's very true statement any natural disaster can affect the forex trading market very badly because any natural disaster will affect that country economic condition so it will affect that country current price too so a natural disaster can affect the forex trading

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