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    EnvMACD is a robot using the function of both Envelop indicator and popular MACD indicator. This two indicators are known in the market for the prompt delivery of good result when it is used carefully, they both form the automatic function in the EnvMACD to make a good signals without human intervention. This is a good way to use artificial intelligence when the selected indicators are such that has being working fine in the market on the mechanical level.

    Many time frames has being tested on this indicator, and 1 hour chart is the best i have seen traders using with it. This robot has many years of working in forex and will give good results from the first day of its launching. While other time frame can be used, except it have seen a prove of good 1 hour result of this EnvMACD in the result which this robots traded and traders should not use any chart apart from 1 hour chart for the trading if good results should come from its use.

    Below is 10 trades result of EnvMACD, it shows the robots is doing good in the market, it traded multiple pairs without any problem and make sure it closes the trade in prompt way. This is good side of a robot when it is working on a market which can go in a direction for a while then come back without preparation of the trader to this. The swap charging on the robots are not much too, it closes most of its trade within a day. On that statement, the only swap charge on the robot were two among the ten trade, this is a good side of robots.


    Apart from benefits of the robot, it has some bad sides. It does not use stop loss and it is bad for trading forex. This is apart of reasons robot makes losses, they will make money for some times and lose all the money back when they do not have stop loss to stop the movement of bad directions. Except all results am still seeing are good ones with this robot. Perhaps traders need large equity to trade the robot and make money from it.

    The Download link of EnvMACD is here _https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/6800

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    This is looking a very good indicator I downloaded this indicator already from this forum but still not used it I will use this very soon in my demo trading account and will let you know how its working on my charts thanks once again for this indicator

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    It was too quick for you to review because I read your comment yesterday that it was too late for you to review, it seems like you've already missed. It's lovely and optimistic for a businessman, if you discover yourself soon, you can be a good writer. Along with this, this EAT is better with what you have described and I love the specification of 1 hour chart, lastly, it is not like the general scalping EAs of Internet flooding.

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