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Thread: Currency Strength Meter

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    i d not know if these indicators is really send true knowledge or not and we can trust it or not, i see currency strength on trusted websites but i do not know if this indicator gives the same informations or not, but we can test it and see how it wrks and give good results or not, then if it gives good and accurate knowledge then we can add it.

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    There is no need to think much about it and if you are so much excited to use the indicator then you should test this in demo trading account, you would not losing in your demo trading account and would able to use the indicator's features for free in demo learning. Personally I don't use this indicator because I only do trade in a few pairs. Here some important things are missing in this thread that is the more explanation of indicator setting.

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    This is seeming a very helpful indicator for forex trader's, the currency strength meter can be also used to see the trend volatility of the market and when trend will be strong in any currency pair then we can easily check that with the currency strenghth meter its just my guess about the indicator, I am still a new user for it, have just downloaded it and lets see how it works in demo. By the way thanks for the indicator mate.

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    We have different types of currency strength meter and I quite agree that it can be a great helping tools in the hand of an experienced forex trader. It is not enough to depend on it alone, you may just need strength meter to confirm the signal that you want to trade. The one I have on my trading platform is different from the one you showcase but I want to believe that they serve the same purpose

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    We can identify which currency is strongest and weakest at the time when we are trading. Just combine the strongest currency with the weakest in a pair then we make an entry, if indicator change currency position then we need to exit.

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    Or we can also check the volatile currency for the more movement, as we know that gbp/jpy and euro/jpy have a lot of strength per day bases and a movement of 200 to 250 pips can be seen in gbp/jpy and euro/jpy on per day bases, so if trader want to do trade with more volatility then these two pairs could be a very good selection for their trading.

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    This is very good indicator for help traders in forex because its show us the market weakness and strength. If we find that which pair is strong and which is weak then its easy for us to do trade in forex. We can easily earn big profit in cross pair if we find one pair is strong and other is weak. If Eur is weak and GBP is strong then we can sell Eur/Gbp for earn big profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rashid636 View Post
    In this thread i want to talk about currency strength meter because it is very good for trading and we can know about the power or currency . so this way we can decision for place order buy or sell. also we can use this indicator with different strategies and different trading system.
    so we see some example about currency strength meter.
    Attachment 12883
    so this image we can see usd is much strong and chf is weak so usdchf we can buy also we see the chart.
    Attachment 12884
    and other example is eur us weak and usd is strong so we sell eurusd let see chart.
    Attachment 12885
    so this will help us thanks
    [lang=id]very nice master if we are going to use currency strength meter
    because we use our currency strength meter will be able to analyze it better for our trade,
    so we will also be able to get a better profit,
    we can trade using all the ways that we can win in open position will also get a profit, so there would be no harm if we try to use all means that if both and be successful in the trade we will do[/lang]

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    This meter is very good if working proper as i thinking. because some time i need some knowledge about pair movement and strength.. so if this is perfect then it is very helpful for me.. because then i can make easily range of stop loss and take profit. so therefore i will try on the major and single cross pairs. single cross currencies are very typical and no strength checking.

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    [lang=ar]In fact, what is the most important of this indicator to know what the authorities relied upon by the resolution so that gives us strength or weakness of the currency
    This is very important so you know what is the strategy in the index make the right decision
    Are indicators and what are its settings
    Is is a tool Other[/lang]

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