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    Compliments for the good work of Roboforex Before I start writing about the expert adviser I could not stop myself from giving compliments to Roboforex and its team for its professional and skilful management. It is due to their professionalism and expertise in the field of Forex industry that its traders are able to benefit with such excellent trading conditions, educational campaigns and promotions, Webinars, Analytics, contests and much more.

    The pusher Indicator
    Before we move to Goldup Ea we need to learn and have a basic idea about the pusher indicator. Pusher is a modern indicator and has given good results for countless traders. For this it is a great signalling tool for many trading systems. Pusher based systems can be used both for scalping or long term trading. Pusher indicator is based on truly global patterns of the market and is devised to recognize the point where the prices starts moving with huge steam due to strong factors, which ensures the market wont stop before making explosive moves. The basic concept of pusher indicator is to find such strong points of explosive movement in prices by comparing the past explosive movement of the market with the current market movement.

    Basic concept of the Goldup Ea
    : As the name suggest the default settings of this Advisor has XAUUSD but it can be well used for any currency pair. This indicator works on the modern indicator pusher. However some modifications and amendments have been made in order to increase its efficacy.

    Features and key benefits of the Ea

    1. The main benefit of this ea is it tries to open trades at a better price giving scope of additional profits to the traders. We see sometimes a candle without shadows. This Goldup Ea is programmed to utilize these shadows and can add the candlesticks opening shadows to our profits.

    2. This benefit may not be applicable for traders with Roboforex who enjoy great order execution and does not face problems of slippages and re-quotes. But most other brokers do not have such great order execution quality and their traders face problems of re quotes and slippages. In such cases Goldup can be very helpful as it uses pending limit order the execution of which is guaranteed if the price is hit.

    3. A trader can do his trading and open other order while using the Goldup. The Goldup Ea can trace its own opened orders and continue working with its orders.

    4. The Goldup expert advisor is resistant to temporary internet connection and computer shut down. As soon as the internet connection is established the Goldup ea is activated and starts working.

    Installation of the Goldup Ea
    : you can download the Goldup Ea from the below link or by following this url _

    Installing an Ea and running it on the mt4 terminal is an easy process.

    ]1. To install an EA into the Metatrader 4 platform, you can simply save the EA in the following folder. Go to C:\Program Files\Metatrader-Roboforex. Please select Mql4 and in that select the Experts folder and just copy your Ea there.


    2. Simply click the " open Data folder " from the dropdown list of the " file " on the mt4 terminal. Please select Mql4 and in that select the Experts folder and just copy your Ea there.

    By following any of the above two points you can install the Goldup or any other expert advisor for that matter. Now Your Ea is available in the navigators area of your mt4 terminal. Please look at the following image

    Attachment 12891

    Past performance
    : As the name suggests The goldup Ea has given great performance with H1 time frame for Gold. However though it is specially designed for gold trading, this Ea can be well used for any other currency.

    Precaution always best
    : Well the basic rule of Forex trading is to secure what is working for us and discard what is not. Then we can always work and strive to improve our performance. Forex is an uncertain market and following an aggressive money and risk management policy along with the Goldup ea and for that matter any other Ea is always advisable.

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    How to set your expert advisor, I mean that parameters in your expert advisor? How much minimum my ballance in my account? And how about the time frame what to used? I am so appreciative about your works at this your expert advisor. What you still using this expert advisor in your real account? I am very happy if you can to tell about that.

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    I have found that most of the forum is using trading robots in such a way that they work with people who use only those robots, since this third but it has not worked yet, you will see them fast and they are working for others in the same way they need for rorobots Reliable requirements

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